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    21 Embarrassing Moments In Every Desi Kid's Music Evolution

    Did it, not always gonna admit it.

    1. You listened to English songs on the cassette/CD player and wrote down the lyrics.


    *Scribble scribble scribble*


    *Scribble scribble scribble*

    2. You jaaaammed to "Ek Glassy".

    And maybe even acted drunk to it.

    3. You also did secret dance performances to Bolly numbers in your room.

    Proper choreo and everything.

    4. God forbid you had three friends, in which case this Las Ketchup dance was unavoidable.

    Asereje ja hehemfroeifnrldlsldm noooouva mahabinsrnrboogynkednesdididipi.

    5. You played this tune to death (and secretly find it sick AF to this day).

    6. You became all ~philosophical~ when Rabbi came out with "Bulla Ki Jaana".

    7. You didn't mind your bus driver blasting Dr Zeus' "Kangna Tera Ni" at all.

    Or Jazzy B's "Dil Luteya".

    8. If you were a guy, you adopted some of that UK Bhangra-rap Punjabi MC aesthetic.

    9. And if you liked men, you had a crush on Jay Sean.

    Even if for a fleeting moment.

    10. And you can't lie about having followed the remix era quite closely.

    Watch ALL the song videos.

    11. You were a part of at least one group like this.


    12. But despite your musical taste, you enjoyed this song when it came out.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    You may not admit it now but neither will the one billion other desi kids who loved "Numb".

    13. Of course you listened to a few rock songs and became very goth for four months.

    *finishes all the kajal*

    14. But that had little to do with how you still sang along to every Govinda song ever made.


    15. One day you found out it wasn't "Aap jesa koi meri zindagi mein aye toh 'baap' ban jaye".

    And it pretty much exploded your brain.

    16. ... And it wasn't "Uske 'nana' ki tareef mumkin nahi."

    17. You still believe Bombay Rockers' "Rock Tha Party" was decent.

    Times Music

    And so was "Ari Ari Ari".

    18. You've danced to several Daler Mehndi songs as a child.

    19. Voluntarily or involuntarily, you know the lyrics of most of Raghav's songs.

    Because your angel eyes couldn't get enough, enough, enough. ♫

    20. Every winter, you pulled out a certain hoodie with your favourite rockstar/rapper's name.

    You still have it stashed somewhere, you know it.

    21. And then your VGA camera phone was ready to take selfies like this.

    *Applies terrible charcoal filter and sets as Orkut display picture* SO HIP HOP.

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