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    7 Oct 2015

    PSA: Skrillex Is In India And Here's What He's Been Up To

    He'll be bangarangin' in Bangalore, starting tomorrow.

    Two days ago, dubstep star Skrillex posted a video on his Instagram. He was on a plane to India.

    And he posted this photo today.

    ... Which earned this hilarious comment on Facebook:

    Ever since he arrived, he's been chilling with a bunch of cool peeps.

    Hanging out with Supercrew! #3DaysToSkrillex

    He's become buds with Mumbai-based VJ, organiser, and EDM enthusiast Nikhil Chinapa.

    Dinner with @Skrillex and @hi_mija in Mumbai. The paneer tikka won. #SkrillexGoesSupersonic

    And apparently they feasted together on what sounds like a frickin' delicious meal.

    We ate -Panner Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Masala Papad, Paani Puri, Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, Roti, Gulaab Jamun, Paan Kulfi. @Skrillex @hi_mija

    He was then treated to some Pan Pasand candy, which, according to Nikhil, Skrillex loved.

    Finished off with this. @Skrillex loved it. 😂 Goya get him the real stuff now..

    He also posted this video yesterday, where he's jamming to the sights of India and the sounds of his own beats.

    making goastep RN With @hi_mija #SkrillexIndiaTour

    And people are excited AF for his four-day tour, which is starting tomorrow in Bengalore.

    Welcome to India @Skrillex ! Want to Watch him LIVE ? Whatsapp @millertimeindia on 9967777333 #MillerMeetsSkrillex

    For real, everyone is like suuuper excited.

    @Vh1Supersonic I want @Skrillex to experience amchi Mumbai chi Local <3 #LEtsSkrillIt #Mumbai

    And Skrill's loving it.

    Click here to buy tickets and find out more about his India tour.

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