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13 Cheaper Alternatives To High-End Makeup Products That You Can Buy In India

Makeup on fleek but also on a budget.

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1. Elle 18's "Hot Pink" is pretty damn close in colour to Mac's cult favourite "Girl About Town".

Mac: A very pigmented blue-toned pink, priced around ₹2,300

Elle 18: A similar shade, but more moisturising and priced around ₹120.

Get "Girl About Town" here. Get "Hot Pink"here.

2. E.L.F.'s blush bronzer duo in "St. Lucia" is your pocket-friendly alternative to Nars' blush bronzer duo in "Orgasm/Laguna".

Eyes Lips Face

Nars: Peachy blush with a gold sheen, and bronzer priced at ₹7,500+.

E.L.F.: Similar, slightly less pigmented shades for under ₹1,000.

Get "Orgasm/Laguna" here

Get "St. Lucia" here.

3. L'Oreal's "Magic Nude Liquid Powder" foundation is a popular alternative for the Giorgio Armani "Maestro Fusion" foundation.

Giorgio Armani: Liquid to silky, powdery finish, priced at nearly ₹7,000.

L'Oreal: Very similar texture, costs ₹1,400.

Get "Maestro Fusion" here.

Get "Magic Nude Liquid Powder" here.

4. Street Wear "Berry Dreamy" is a similar shade to Mac "Crosswires".

Mac: A desi girl favourite, costs nearly ₹2,200Street Wear: Moisturising, goes smoothly on the lips, costs ₹215.Get "Crosswires" here.Get "Berry Dreamy" here.
Mac Cosmetics / Price Dekho / sjlovelewelry / Via

Mac: A desi girl favourite, costs nearly ₹2,200

Street Wear: Moisturising, goes smoothly on the lips, costs ₹215.

Get "Crosswires" here.

Get "Berry Dreamy" here.

5. Revlon's "Colorstay" foundation mimics the effect of Estée Lauder's pricey "Double Wear" foundation.


Estée Lauder: Beautiful, long lasting finish, costs around ₹6,000.

Revlon: One of the best drugstore foundations out there, costs under ₹1000.

Get "Double Wear" here

Get "Colorstay" here.

6. MUA's "Undressed" eyeshadow palette is like Urban Decay's original "Naked" palette at a fraction of the price.

Beauty Bay

Urban Decay: A neutral shadow fan fave. Hard to find in India, costs around ₹3000.

MUA: An unabashed copy of the "Naked" palette. Great earthy tones at about ₹600.

Get "Naked" here.

Get "Undressed" here.

7. Lakmé's Matte 9-to-5 lipstick in "Red Coat" is a close alternative of Mac's "Ruby Woo".

Mac: Super matte red, suits all skin tones, priced at nearly ₹2,900.

Lakmé: Matte finish, same shade as "Ruby Woo" but priced at ₹450.

Get "Ruby Woo" here.

Get "Red Coat" here.

8. Makeup Revolution's "Redemption Palette Iconic 3" is neck-and-neck with Urban Decay's "Naked 3".

Urban Decay

Urban Decay: A cool-toned neutral palette, costs around ₹3,600.

Makeup Revolution: Same exact shades at ₹900.

Get "Naked 3" here.

Get "Redemption Iconic 3" here.

9. Maybelline's "Fit Me" concealer has been called a good alternative of Nars' "Radiant Creamy Concealer" by many beauty gurus.


Nars: Creamy and brightening, medium coverage, costs around ₹7,000.

Maybelline: Good coverage, doesn't oxidise and change colour, priced at ₹1,000.

Get the "Radiant Creamy" concealer here.

Get "Fit Me" concealer here.

10. L'Oreal "Pure Garnet" Sonam Kapoor lipstick is the Mac "Diva" kind of berry red.


Mac: A deep berry red shade, hard to find in India, costs about ₹2,200.

L'Oreal: Similar deep red at half the price, ₹925.

Get "Diva" here.

Get "Pure Garnet" here.

11. Colorbar’s “Peachy Rose” blush is also a peach shade with gold sheen like Nars’ “Orgasm”.

Nars: Peachy gold, cult favourite, costs ₹4,000 upwards.

Colorbar: Highly pigmented similar shade, gold sheen, costs under ₹400.

Get "Orgasm" here.

Get "Peachy Rose" here.

12. NYX matte lipstick in "Indie Flick" is your bet for Mac's "Lady Danger".


Mac: Bright hot orange, costs nearly ₹3,000.

NYX: Same shade, very matte and long-lasting, costs around around ₹1300.

Get "Lady Danger" here

Get "Indie Flick" here.

13. Forever 21's "Love & Beauty" makeup sponge is the cheapest decent alternative to the "Beauty Blender".

Beauty Blender: Hailed as "un-dupe-able" but cost a whopping ₹3,000 or more.

Forever 21: Cheapest good alternative available in India, priced under ₹300.

Get the Beauty Blender here

Go to your nearest Forever 21 for the "Love & Beauty" sponge.

If you have any high-end alternative recommendations, comment below. Happy makeup-ing!