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    9 Movies That Would've Been Infinitely Improved With Harambe In The Lead


    1. Harambe Dulhaniya Le Jayenge


    Simran goes on a Europe trip and finds the ape of her dreams, who follows her to India, tries to convince her dad, and marries her after getting his ass beat.

    2. Harambe Zameen Par

    Amir Khan Productions

    Aamir Khan is a kind and caring teacher who protects a distressed Harambe from an awful school in Cincinnati, tells his guardians why Harambe is unique, and helps Harambe realise his strengths.

    3. Jo Jeeta Wohi Bandar

    Nasir Hussain Films

    Harambe is a chilled out college student who gets in a mess about some cycling race he isn't really a part of, but wins it because Harambe always wins.

    4. Harambe Khushi Harambe Gham


    Harambe goes on a journey to find his brother, who left home years ago, after his dad went ~APESHIT~ on him.

    5. Harambe's Bhaijaan

    Eros International

    A self-appointed zookeeper safely carries Harambe from the wrong exhibit to his actual exhibit.

    6. Harambay

    Ayngaran International

    Even an ape couldn't escape interfaith marriage problems.

    7. Hum Ape Ke Hai Koun...!


    Harambe almost gets married to his love interest's loser brother under pressure. But then he ends up marrying his love interest anyway. <3

    8. Kuch Kuch Harambe Hai

    Dharma Productions

    Rahul mistakes Harambe's love as purely platonic affection. He marries his college sweetheart, but eventually ends up marrying Harambe, because Harambe's not dying in this story, Tina is.

    9. Ape-das


    Obsessed with the love of his childhood, and then having suffered losing her, Harambe chooses a life of misery. He dies in the end, from alcoholism and not a bullet.

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