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This Indian Athlete Was Stripped Of Her Running Career, And Today She Asks For Justice

In 2006, Santhi Soundarajan failed to "prove her womanhood" in a sex test, and was robbed of her medals and winning records.

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This is Santhi Soundarajan, an Indian track and field athlete who won of 102 state medals, 64 national, and 12 international awards.

Thappad / Via Facebook: thappadapp

In 2006, however, her brilliant streak came to a halt after she had to to undergo a sex test to prove her womanhood, and failed it. Soundarajan was stripped of her silver medal, which she had won at the Asian Games in Doha just before the sex test. Her life as a sportsperson came to a sudden end.

In light of the Rio Games, Thappad App co-founder Sandesh B. Suvarna, produced a video of the forgotten athlete. It was uploaded to Facebook page Thappad.

Thappad / Via Facebook: thappadapp

A petition has been set up to bring Soundarajan's status as India's winning athlete back to official records. The second clause of the petition urges the government to provide her with a permanent job to rebuild her life.