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17 Faces Every Twentysomething Indian Will Recognise

We've all been there.

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1. The "Accidentally picked up aunt's call, now I can't do anything for 17 hours" face.

2. The “What are your future plans?” face.

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3. The "I wonder if this is going to work out with our religious differences and all" face.

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4. The "Return that gift money to aunty ji right now" mom face.

5. The "Why the hell is my Facebook timeline suddenly full of wedding and baby photos??" face.

6. The "Take my word, beta, there is no scope for the art shart, media stuff" uncle face.

7. The "Your judgmental relative has just sent you a friend request" face.

8. The "Where the hell did I spend my entire salary...???" face.

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9. The “You can stop complaining about me in front of my friends now, mom” face.

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10. The "I can't believe this shaadi is outdoors, my makeup is fucking melting" face.

11. The "Hell yeah, nobody's home so I can smoke in the living room now" face.

12. The "So, are you tying the knot any soon?" face.

13. The "Waxing lady is unavailable" face.

14. The "Why does your room smell like cigarettes?" face.

15. The "Why did these guests have to bring their chipku kid?" face.

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16. The "So, beta, do you like someone?" face.

17. And the "I took a rickshaw to work so let's not ask me any damn questions" face.

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