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19 Indian Foods That Taste Better When It's Raining Outside

I like to walk in the rain because no one can see me drooling

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Rain in India can be a biiit annoying sometimes because it gets pretty wet and sticky, and the traffic situation is horrible.

The good news is that rain makes desi food taste 10x better, for some reason. Here are some things that'll make this monsoon a foodventure:

1. Hot aloo parathas served with yoghurt and pickle.

2. Washed down with some masala chai.

3. Fire-roasted corn with a bit of lemon and chilli masala.

4. Kanda bhajiya with a sweet tamarind dip or green chilli raita.

5. Pretty much any kind of pakoda TBH.

6. Steamed momos with super hot Indian chilli sauce.

7. Samosas, ethereally ascending from a hot oil kadhai.

8. Paired with some frothy filter coffee.

9. Piping hot Kerala-style vegetable stew.

10. Channa chaat, stopped with onions and crispy papdi.

11. A cup of warm badaam milk.

12. Literally any kind of dosa.

13. Delicious hot besan halwa.

14. Or some nice, nutty gajar ka halwa. 😍

15. The spherical miracle that is batata vada.

16. A swollen, crisp and flaky batura with spicy chhola.

17. Aloo tikkis, especially the kind stuffed with cheese.

18. The old faithful daal chawal with some vinegary onions.

19. Punjabi kulfi, especially the kind you get on a stick.

The monsoon doesn't look too bad now, does it?

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