After Receiving 137 Rejections From Publishers, This Poet Became A Tumblr And Instagram Star

    Today in brown feminist awesomeness...

    This is Nikita Gill, a 28-year-old London-based poet and visual artist who is taking the internet by storm with her poetry.

    Here's a selection of her best work:

    1. On being a storm:

    2. On validation:

    3. On appreciation:

    4. On seasonless love:

    5. On reintroduction:

    6. On hesitation:

    7. On the word "almost":

    8. On heartbreak:

    9. On boys:

    10. On universal womanhood:

    11. On heart-heavy goodbyes:

    12. On healing:

    13. On dormancy:

    14. On permission:

    15. On inner fire:

    16. And on your magnitude:

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