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    After Receiving 137 Rejections From Publishers, This Poet Became A Tumblr And Instagram Star

    Today in brown feminist awesomeness...

    This is Nikita Gill, a 28-year-old London-based poet and visual artist who is taking the internet by storm with her poetry.

    Gill shares her primarily feminist poetic work on her Tumblr and Instagram. Her short poems have been shared on Instagram by Khloe Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes.

    Vocativ reports that Gill has 137 rejection letters from traditional publishers, but her blog is growing by the hundreds each day.

    Here's a selection of her best work:

    1. On being a storm:

    2. On validation:

    3. On appreciation:

    4. On seasonless love:

    5. On reintroduction:

    6. On hesitation:

    7. On the word "almost":

    8. On heartbreak:

    9. On boys:

    10. On universal womanhood:

    11. On heart-heavy goodbyes:

    12. On healing:

    13. On dormancy:

    14. On permission:

    15. On inner fire:

    16. And on your magnitude:

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