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    ASOS Sold A Maang Teeka As A "Chandelier Hair Clip" Because Caucasity Trumps All

    Can't wait for my big day so I can wear a jhoomar— oh, I mean "gem-encrusted gold fascinator".

    British online fashion store ASOS was seen selling the following accessory on their website.


    If you're South Asian, you know that it's a maang teeka. But the product preview caused a bit of a stir online, because it has been "naan-breaded". It's now a "faux pearl chandelier hair clip".

    Dear @ASOS, if you really want to be a cultural appropriation enabler, the least you can do is call it a Tikka, not…

    You read right. South Asian brides have been wearing a fucking "chandelier hair clip" on their weddings all along.

    I thought I had seen peak caucasity when ghee was rediscovered by the west as "clarified butter".

    And when haldi doodh became a life-changing, miraculous "golden milk".

    But getting back to ASOS, I have a few business recommendations. Here's a "bejewelled reverse head thong" they can potentially sell.

    And a "floral candy cane style braid wrap".

    And here's a surefire bestseller: an "embellished nose-to-ear hoop".

    Eros International

    Check out these lovely "chunky metal gold belts" too.

    I personally cannot wait for my big day so I can don my billowing "intricate embroidery A-line skirt" and "jewel tone bedazzled crop top", and jhoomar— oh, I mean "gem encrusted forehead fascinator". Thanks, ASOS.

    Kintop Pictures

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