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15 Iconic Moments That’ll Make You A Kareena Kapoor Fan

There's so much more to her than good looks, good looks, and good looks.

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1. When she spoke for education as a necessity for girls.

2. When a younger Bebo was kind of a radical feminist.

3. When her sass was all she needed to answer this.

4. But she went on to dig out and trash the perception.

5. When she told Elle why ageing did not phase her.

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6. When she defied the pressure to remain a size-zero with just two words.

7. Every time she adorably idolised her big sister.

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8. When she was 100% relatable.

Miss Malini / Via

9. When she told reporters where they really need to stop.

Miss Malini / Via

10. When she was asked, "What do you dislike the most about your appearance?" and her response was perfect.

11. When she stood up for members of the Indian LGBT community.

Miss Malini / Via

12. When she admitted her weaknesses, and tried to protect other girls from having them.

Video Strawberry / Via

13. When, even as a newbie, she wasn't scared of lettin' the haters know.

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14. When she stressed on not letting marriage hinder your dreams.

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15. And when she talked about her secret to self-fulfilment.


Keep doing you, Bebo. 👠✨💯