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    Meet Miss Moti: The Progressive, Body-Positive Comic Character Who's Going To Be Your New Fave

    Fat, brown, and unstoppable, Miss Moti is on a mission to make you feel amazing.

    Camberly-based Nepali artist Kripa Joshi has created a comic character we could all have really used growing up. Her name is Miss Moti, and she's fat, brown, and magical.

    The artist describes Miss Moti, her character which was created in 2007, as a "plump woman whose fertile imagination frequently blurs the line between fantasy and reality".

    "Miss Moti doesn't let her weight hold her back in life. Either through her imagination or will power she creates magical worlds or achieves wonderful things. She might look moti (fat) but she is like a moti (pearl)," Kripa Joshi told BuzzFeed.

    "Miss Moti was born out my own issue with negative body image. In a world that places so much important on appearance, Miss Moti is an unlikely ‘hero’," says Joshi.

    Joshi is inspired by traditional folk Nepali art, and the idea for Miss Moti came to her during her time at the School of Visual Arts in New York. "It started out with a painting called ‘Hippo’," the artist tells.

    She has written two self-published short stories, "Miss Moti and Cotton Candy" and "Miss Moti and the Big Apple", and a story compilation book. Her books, which you can get here, have minimal words to transcend the boundary of language.

    Joshi's series "Miss Motivation" showcases motivational quotes, and Miss Moti doing inspiring things.

    And you cannot leave the series without feeling happier.