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27 Things Every Lip Product Addict Knows To Be True

Mac Mac, Loreal, yep 'cause I'm worth it. ♪

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1. You feel your classiest when you put on a bold lip.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

2. You've bought 'unconventional' lip colours.

NBC / Via

Goddamn those OCC lip tars.

3. And you've dared yourself to wear them out.

Logo TV / Via


4. Lipstick is the only motivation to thread or wax your upper lip.

EMI, Capitol, Toshiba / Via

"You know what, screw it, I'll wear that bright pink anyway."

5. And the lip colour is the first thing you notice on a friend's face.

20th Century Fox Television / Via

"OMG girl, that colour is not for you."

6. You must throw on some lip gloss every time this song comes on.

Zomba, Jive / Via

Can't. Stop. So poppin'.

7. You know how real the struggle of finding the perfect red is.

RCA / Via


8. As is finding the perfect nude.

2012 Grammy Awards / Via

The balance between concealer lips and poop lips...that's where nirvana lies.

9. But once you've found the right colour, fabulosity is inevitable.

Logo TV / Via

10. Just this GIF is satisfying.


Girl, that colour pay-off OMG.

11. You bought a lippie you already had and found out after getting home.

CBS Television Distribution / Via

Not like that's a bad thing because the colour is fucking awesome.

12. You're a master of lip product adjectives.

And these are JUST a few adjectives you have for nudes.
Imaan Sheikh

And these are JUST a few adjectives you have for nudes.

13. You have several lipsticks which look pretty much the same to others.

But they all feel different on you.
The Guardian / Via

But they all feel different on you.

14. Friend: "But you already have this colour."

15. "But this one is a different texture. You don't get it."

20th Century Fox Television / Via

There are so many excuses of buying the same colour again.

16. You share a special bond with lip balm. / Via

Slather slather slather on.

17. Your collection will last you a lifetime, but you're still buying more.

Too much lip balm, not enough lip.
serranurycel / Via

Too much lip balm, not enough lip.

18. "That's it. From this day on, I won't buy more lip products."

Ryan Seacrest Productions / Via

Mac came out with a new collection, everybody shut up. *places order*

19. Sometimes, you casually try on several lip colours at night.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

So satisfying.

20. This is you when you pass the lipstick aisle at the store.

Cartoon Network Studios / Via

Even if you pass it 3 times a day.

21. When a kickass lip product comes out, you can't wait to get your hands on it.

Heidi Klum Productions / Via

22. Especially if you've watched YouTube beauty gurus is raving about it.

2001 Broadway / Via

I need dis.

23. Breaking or losing your favourite lippie is beyond emotionally distressing.

Universal Pictures / Via

24. 'Buy one, get one half off' make-up sales are a dream.

communitychannel / Via

25. But you've also splurged a worrying amount of money on lip products.

Columbia / Via


26. And even though you've run out of storage space...

Walk Disney Pictures / Via

There is always room for more.

27. It's all worth it because lipstick is a shortcut to feeling super sexy.

20th Television / Via

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