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27 Things Every Lip Product Addict Knows To Be True

Mac Mac, Loreal, yep 'cause I'm worth it. ♪

1. You feel your classiest when you put on a bold lip.

2. You've bought 'unconventional' lip colours.

3. And you've dared yourself to wear them out.

4. Lipstick is the only motivation to thread or wax your upper lip.

5. And the lip colour is the first thing you notice on a friend's face.

6. You must throw on some lip gloss every time this song comes on.

7. You know how real the struggle of finding the perfect red is.

8. As is finding the perfect nude.

9. But once you've found the right colour, fabulosity is inevitable.

10. Just this GIF is satisfying.

11. You bought a lippie you already had and found out after getting home.

12. You're a master of lip product adjectives.

13. You have several lipsticks which look pretty much the same to others.

14. Friend: "But you already have this colour."

15. "But this one is a different texture. You don't get it."

16. You share a special bond with lip balm.

17. Your collection will last you a lifetime, but you're still buying more.

18. "That's it. From this day on, I won't buy more lip products."

19. Sometimes, you casually try on several lip colours at night.

20. This is you when you pass the lipstick aisle at the store.

21. When a kickass lip product comes out, you can't wait to get your hands on it.

22. Especially if you've watched YouTube beauty gurus is raving about it.

23. Breaking or losing your favourite lippie is beyond emotionally distressing.

24. 'Buy one, get one half off' make-up sales are a dream.

25. But you've also splurged a worrying amount of money on lip products.

26. And even though you've run out of storage space...

27. It's all worth it because lipstick is a shortcut to feeling super sexy.