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    Posted on 29 Jan 2015

    21 Struggles Only People Who Are Addicted To Street Food Will Understand

    Bhel puri or GTFO.

    1. It's very hard to have your tea on breezy evenings without biting into a samosa.

    nociveglia / Via Flickr: 40385177@N07

    Caught in a bad romance.

    2. And it's impossible to ignore this while taking a walk, especially if there is a beach in your 5km radius.

    AFP / Getty Images MANJUNATH KIRAN






    3. You go for extra mirchi because life is all about challenging yourself.

    AFP / Getty Images SAJJAD HUSSAIN

    Chugging water, crying, nose running faster than Usain bolt.


    4. And you are practically in a race with yourself when gobbling down momos.

    5. Despite your attempts to resist the urge, no shopping spree is complete without a purchase from the chaat stall.

    6. You have become friends with most street food vendors by default.

    7. Summer? Let's cool off with some pani puri because we have no self-restraint.

    AFP / Getty Images PRAKASH SINGH

    Oh, you know, it helps you digest your food better...........and other excuses.

    8. Winter? Let's stop my car at least once every day to buy some chilli-sprinkled baked sweet potato, because we're unstoppable.

    AFP / Getty Images SAJJAD HUSSAIN

    9. You will eat a breakfast snack at dinner time because snacking has no time.

    10. You have bhel puri cravings in the middle of the night and forget how to behave.

    11. And your cravings often have you buying too much chaat, which you can't finish.

    12. You can't help but take shots of sour pani puri water, which somewhat falls under the umbrella of masochism.

    13. You bask in the misconception that drinking nimbu pani after your snack will wash down everything, so you buy a glass every chance you get.

    LOL hope it washes down your shame from overeating. Also, there are, like 400 flies hovering over that stuff. Good luck not dying.

    14. Can you pass this stall without huffing the smell of delicious corn like an addict that you are?

    No, right? Thought so.

    15. You'll find a way to have street food even at non-street food places.

    16. You can say the only reason you go to college is so you have an excuse to get your hands on some vada pav.

    17. You're positive you can live off spicy ring chips sold in transparent packets, even though you're sure that they're fried in diesel.

    18. Your disregard for what pakodas might create in your tummy often gets you in trouble.

    19. It's hard for you to resist anything TBH, how will you live? Please get your shit together.

    20. You can't even control your face when you bite into a street snack, come on.

    21. Good luck following that healthy eating regimen, LOL.

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