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    13 Reasons We All Need To Acknowledge That Kerala Is Killin’ It Right Now

    Winning too hard.

    1. It just became the first Indian state to achieve 100% primary education.

    2. The population growth rate has been the lowest among all Indian states over the last decade.

    Arindam Dey / AFP / Getty Images

    3. And the life expectancy is the highest.

    Harsha K R / Via Flickr: mynameisharsha

    4. It was declared the world's first "Baby-friendly state" by WHO and UNICEF for its efforts to encourage and support breastfeeding.

    Ankur P / Via Flickr: ankurp

    5. In November 2015, the Kerala government became the country's first state to announce a transgender policy.

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images

    The goal of the policy is to provide a platform to 25,000 transgender folk of the state, to voice their demand for "equality, dignity, development and expression".

    6. And recently announced setting up an actual separate court of justice for its transgender community.

    Pedro Ugarte / AFP / Getty Images

    7. Last year, Kerala set a record for reduced alcohol consumption.

    Hey, whether or not you think drinking less is progress, it was still an example of effective government policy. In just 18 months, alcohol consumption dropped 20.27%.

    8. The highest daily wage earners in non-public, urban jobs are women.

    Roberto Faccenda / Via Flickr: stefanedberg62

    9. It was declared a "complete digital state" last year.

    carol mitchell / Via Flickr: webethere

    "The state has achieved 100 percent mobile density, 75 percent e-literacy, highest digital banking rate and broadband connection up to panchayat level," Kerala's CM Oomen Chandy said.

    10. Couples wanting to adopt children exceed the number of children in adoption centres in the state.

    Harsha K R / Via Flickr: mynameisharsha

    11. And even though the female-to-male sex ratio is the highest in India...

    Pepe Pont / Via Flickr: cernicalo-e

    12. Contrary to India’s age-old bias toward sons, most adopting couples in Kerala seek girl children.

    Harsha K R / Via Flickr: mynameisharsha

    13. And, of course, it remains the one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world.

    Keep winning, Kerala!

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