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17 Times Disney Made You Drool Uncontrollably For Frikkin' Cartoon Food

It surely can't be just me.

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1. When you wanted to steal this bowl of egg-bacony-soupy goodness from Mushu.

Disney / Via

IDGAF about the bug, I'll still eat it.

2. When you headed to the fridge to get fruit because Abu made it look so important and yum.

Disney / Via

...throughout the movie.

3. When you NEEDED pancakes because Donald showed his off.

Disney / Via

YAAAAS, Donald, slide that butter under those pancakes omg.

4. When Alice ate a piece of raw mushroom and it still looked appetising.

Disney / Via

Don't recommend trying; it's pretty gross in real life. :(

5. When Remy ate cheese and a strawberry together and mmmmm-mm.

Disney / Via

*orders strawberry cheesecake*

6. When this wild display of nacho-eating happened in An Extremely Goofy Movie.

Disney / Via

Even though this is an absolute mess, I'm hungry.

7. When this plateful of spaghetti debuted for our hungry eyes.

Disney / Via

And it made you ask your mum to cook some.

8. When Pooh ate honey like it was the most amazing food ever.

Disney / Via

BRB topping pancakes with honey.

9. When Rafiki made a melon look like the most delicious summer fruit ever.

Disney / Via


10. When you wanted to chew all of Belle's dancing desserts.

Disney / Via

They look so crumbly, yum.

11. When Donald's perfect turkey leg made your mouth water.

Disney / Via

Why must you provoke me like this, Don?

12. When Stitch made you want to eat a snow cone JUST. LIKE. THIS.

Disney / Via

Ooooh yes, cool off that tongue, Stitchums.

13. When Abu made a dry baguette look extremely scrumptious.

Disney / Via


14. When Meeko made you crave biscuits.

Disney / Via

I'd steal them from John Smith too, TBH.

15. When Tiana sprinkled her confectioneries with powdered sugar.

Disney / Via

Can I buy this whole shop?

16. When Gopher convinced you to always eat your fruits and veggies.

Disney / Via

Nyum nyum nyum nyum just like that.

17. And when Timon kind of convinced you to try bugs.

Which were technically not even food but Disney has a way of hypnotising us.