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13 Reasons Anushka Sharma Is As BFF Material As It Gets

The teller of the greatest chicken-crosses-the-road jokes ever.

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It is common knowledge that Anushka Sharma is an amazing human being and totally fab.

Anushka Sharma Instagram

But did you ever think of what a kickass BFF she would make?

1. She's freaking hilarious: Exhibit A.

Rajeev Masand

2. And she really, really understands how magical female friendships are.

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3. She's a reeeeally firm believer in a sisterhood system, and is an activist for gender equality.

Anushka Sharma / Via Instagram

4. Being BFFs with her means being BFFs with this Dude (her dog's name is literally Dude and she floods her social media with him).

Anushka Sharma

5. She'd make the perfect feminist rant partner.

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6. Adulting is optional for her, like it is for you.

Anushka Sharma

7. Who wouldn't want the BFF privilege of digging into this closet?

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8. All that training has made her a freaking warrior, so your protection would be guaranteed.

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9. But hey don't feel too intimidated by her skills, because she's probably more off-key than you are as a singer.

Instagram: @anushkasharma

10. And as much of a weirdo too.

Anushka Sharma

11. She's an inspiration who's risen to the top after years of hard work. 🙌

Here she is, adorable and probably in her teens, as a side character in a talcum powder ad.

12. But manages to stay humble AF, so she's just like us ~ordinary girls~.

Manan Vatsyayana / Getty Images

13. And her contagious positivity has the power to make anyone's day.

Anushka Sharma