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    19 Grooming Struggles Every Desi Girl Knows Too Well

    Sorry, I can't hang out tonight since my social life is dictated by when I last waxed my arms.

    1. Only being able to pull off bold earrings without your spectacles.

    T-Series / Via

    Nearly blind but lookin' smashing.

    2. Choosing an outfit solely based on when you waxed/shaved your arms last.

    ShowMaker Pictures / Via

    Wow what a cute halter top. Not today...

    3. Managing to look fresh as hell in your room's lighting, like, once in 12 years.

    Veshaakha Films / Via

    4. But involuntarily making eye contact with a mirror when you're outside and...

    ShowMaker Pictures / Via

    OMFG what the hell happened to this flawless matte finish nude dream silk finish motherfucking foundation?!

    5. Spending half an hour curling or straightening your hair, only to look like this 10 minutes after stepping out.

    Yash Raj Films / Via

    Why is it so hot? Also why does my hair hate me?

    6. Dealing with the fear of someone ringing the doorbell when you have hair oil on.

    Sony Pictures / Via

    Which is like three times a week or your hair is a mess.

    7. Deciding to wear a liiiittle more make-up than just eye-liner, and throwing on ONE bracelet.


    BOOM... Overdressed.

    8. Never liking your highlights/lowlights.

    UTV Motion Pictures / Via

    Why do they always come out brassy? Am I cursed? This does not flatter my skin tone.

    9. Being completely incapable of pulling off a dark lip without looking like an aunty ji.

    ShowMaker Pictures / Via

    "Hello, Vogue? Yeah, I tried Emma Watson's oxblood lip. I want my money back."

    10. Only finding inner peace in waxed/shaved legs.

    Sapna Arts / Via

    Can't. Stop. Stroking. Own. Legs.

    11. Taming the wild beast on your forehead i.e. clinically insane eyebrows.

    Yash Raj Films / Via

    12. But only a week after threading, dealing with an untidy mess again.

    Fox Star Studios / Via

    Why can these bitcholas not grow in shape?

    13. Contemplating why the hair on your head can't grow as fast as the hair on your upper lip.

    ShowMaker Pictures / Via

    I waxed literally three days ago.

    14. Always looking shiny in photos, no matter which "mattifying" thingamajig you put on your face earlier.


    Unintentionally rocking the dewy look at all times.

    15. All trendy clothing is somehow uncooperative because your curves are wildly unpredictable.

    Kaleidoscope Entertainment / Via

    16. Having long hair, god forbid, which will never be styled the way you want.


    I have surrendered.

    17. Being asked if you're sick when you don't wear kajal.


    "Are you okay? You look sleepy."

    18. Losing hope on ever being able to carry off a sari like your mum can.

    ShowMaker Pictures

    19. Once in a blue moon, waking up without a new zit.

    Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd / Via


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