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One Of The Most Badass Sikhs In The World Is Now Canada's Defence Minister

Canada, you're in safe hands.

This is Harjit Sajjan, 45, the brand new Liberal defence minister of Canada, sworn in just two days ago.

Harjit Sajjan / Via Facebook: harjit.sajjan.7

First things first, look at him. He looks like a total boss.

Harjit Sajjan / Via Facebook: harjit.sajjan.7

But there's way more than meets the eye. Punjab-born and Vancouver-raised, Harjit Sajjan has served in the Canadian military for over 23 years.

Scott Deveau Twitter / Via Twitter: @scottdeveau

He requested his release from the military in October, but is technically still in it, as of now.

He's also an 11-year veteran of the Vancouver Police Department.

Harjit Sajjan / Via

He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 2012.

Harjit S Sajjan / Via

Which is a laurel gifted by the Canadian monarch to recognise individuals for bringing honour in military and civilian fields.

Aaaand he also bagged the mega-prestigious Order of Military Merit last year.

Harjit Sajjan / Via Facebook: harjit.sajjan.7

The Order of Military Merit is the second-highest order awarded by the governor general in Canada.

In fact, in 2006, the commander of Canada’s Coalition Task Force in Afghanistan couldn’t even bear his badassery and wrote an entire letter of appreciation for him.

Harjit Sajjan / Via Facebook: harjit.sajjan.7

The commander, David Fraser, rated him as one of the best intelligence officers he's ever worked with.

“I have advised my chain of command that the Canadian Forces must capture his skill-set, and seek his advice on how to change our entire tactical intelligence training and architecture to best meet the needs of future deployed units fighting in extremely complex human battlespace,” reads one point in the letter.

And he was all, "Whoooa, this guy's courage."

Harjit S Sajjan / Via

Sajjan's got his crime- and terrorism-fighting priorities straight.

Vancouver Sun / Via

"For example, we can be tough on crime, and we need to be, and we are, including the police and the other municipalities do a good job on that," he told theVancouver Sun in an interview. "But we've got to make sure that our children don't choose a life of crime. We're good at dealing with big crises around the world, but we need to look at preventing them from happening in the first place."

He's a hardcore believer in teamwork.

Harjit Sajjan Facebook / Via Facebook: harjit.sajjan.7

In a 2012 interview with the Vancouver Sun, he said he became a baptised Sikh as a teenager and it aided his drive as a soldier.

Vancouver Sun / Via

Here he is, just chillin' with his wife and kids.

Harjit S Sajjan / Via

And he's yet another reason for Canada to feel super proud and safe.

20th Century Fox Television / Via

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