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    This Parody Of Every UK Punjabi Music Video Is Hilariously On-Point

    Complete with a bad token rapper and everything.

    YouTube star Jasmeet Singh AKA Jus Reign just put up a music video called "Kabootaran Di Shaan".

    Jus Reign / Via

    And it is a stellar parody of every Punjabi hip-hop/bhangra song that has come out of the UK.

    Four years ago Jus Reign talked about the monotony of the UK bhangra scene in his video WTF Punjabi Music Industry. "Kabootaran Di Shaan" is a response to the comments on that video, asking Reign to make a song video himself if he thinks he can make fun of them.

    And he delivered.

    From the dance steps...

    JusReign / Via

    Down to the little UK quirks...

    JusReign / Via

    Reign got it so damn right.

    JusReign / Via

    Watch the quintessentially UK Punjabi music video here:

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