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    23 Times Shah Rukh Khan Was The Cutest Dad Ever

    His dad pun game is pretty damn fantastic, too.

    1. When he realised he had been unknowingly breakin' it down to an explicit song with his little son.

    Heard Akon's "Smack that all on the floor,Smack that give me some more..."after ages,lil Aryan & I use to sing it & didn't know wot it meant

    2. When this peak desi dad moment happened.

    Is it normal to feel, my son wont be able to handle himself at a party & i should be there disguised as a fly on the wall to look after him

    3. When his daughter totally treated him like a regular dad.

    Daughter looked petrified that I mite come in the party to drop her.Has to be rite on top of most embarrassing moments parents make for kids

    4. When he put his kids through torturous dad lectures.

    Gist of my hour long lecture to kids follows. I think its important & their attempts at suppressing a yawn makes their faces look incredible

    5. When he realised he just wasn't ready for the kids growing up.

    dropped kids to school..also found out that the daughter has stolen my make up trolley & the son my gel.time to stop giving them teddy bears

    6. When he successfully taught AbRam to clap at a match.

    7. When he was proud his son inherited his signature pose.

    8. When his son overwhelmed him by exposing him to a lot of cool new information.

    Sat with son & got to know...Nick Vujicic...Jack Carroll...Shahid Nazir(1 pound fish) & realised I am stupid to lament a broken patella.

    9. When he literally took a break from an AMA to hug his son.

    Ok taking a break to hug my son will be back on #AskSrk in 10 mins

    10. When he pulled a classic dad joke after a match loss.

    He: We Won? Me: No Son. He: Why Papa? Me: Wat Son!

    11. Seriously, do not underestimate his dad pun power.

    son has learnt to catch me unawares by kicking me in the crotch.thinks its fun !! need to protect my manhood. sons r crotching tigers.

    12. When he admitted to being annoyingly obsessed with his kids.

    And yes I am guilty of being that irritating father who bores everyone with his kids’ pics. Matrix Reloaded

    13. When there was a change in parental dynamics and he felt protected in his son's company.

    I have no idea wot i represent to other ppl. All i know as i walk a dark cold street with my son alongside is that i am loved & protected.

    14. When this dad-tastic discovery happened.

    And now for some what the kids refer to as EDM. I thought it was scientific abbreviation…works out it means electronic dance music…

    15. When all he needed was his daughter's approval to sport hot pink leggings.

    A day comes in every macho mans life when he has to wear pink leggings & he hopes at least his daughter approves.

    16. When he walked the thin line between adorable dad and straight up crazy parent.

    I have this secret fear that one nite while I am sleep walking I will eat up my kids...because I find them sooo edible. Slurp slurp...

    17. When he showed off his new alarm clock.

    I have a new alarm clock, & it does not have a shrill scream or a monotonous robotic tone but a smile that awakens my heart. My lil AbRam.

    18. When he perfectly described his little baby.

    Spent the day with little feet, lil hands, lil ears…with a lil bundle of big happiness….Iil AbRam. Tranquility wrapped in diapers.

    19. When he put up with the parental nightmare that is Frozen for his daughter.

    Our mental synchronization Can have but one explanation… is an open door. Watching Frozen with my daughter…wot awesome animation!!

    20. When he underestimated the damage babies can cause.

    Went for a drive with my just about yr old AbRam & he totalled the music system, to the tune of Wrecking Ball! & parents r wary of teenagers

    21. When, like any desi parent, he couldn't resist turning a random thought into a sarcastic jab at his son.

    Why no one told us that England has been shifted to southern hemisphere? Its summer is colder than the winters.sun unpredictable like my son

    22. When he thanked god for his BFF.

    Today 14 yrs I sat on a rainy nite...I didn't know Allah was sending me my all time best friend..Aryan u r really the coolest.

    23. And when his love for his kids just emanated from his tweet.

    48 hrs of uninterrupted unadulterated unconditional love with my Trimurti. No place I'd rather be than holding u three. Aryan Suhana AbRam

    Keep being you, SRK.

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