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    21 Adorable Turtles Who Just Cannot Win

    "Failures in a half-shell. Turtle power!"

    We all know about and believe in the sheer awesomeness of the creatures that are turtles.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    They are the dudebros of the sea.

    But not all of them are total winners at life.

    1. Take a look at these disoriented derptles who are just making a fool of themselves.

    2. And this deluded turtle who believes he can fly.

    3. This silly goose who doesn't even need a predator in his life.

    4. This ambitious guy who thinks he can eat the camera.

    5. This easily seduced booty-shaking twerktoise.

    6. This naive fellow who actually trusted a parrot.

    7. This push-over who trusted his own kind too much.

    8. This hungry guy whose hand-eye coordination is pitiable.


    9. These slow dudes who almost tasted freedom.

    10. And this poor baby who almost made it across the fence.

    11. This terrible DJ no one wants to book.

    12. These fools who think they are a mode of transportation for birds.

    13. And...dogs.

    14. Okay, no, this is a legit thing in the turtle world.

    15. But that may be because they're terrible at navigating themselves on wheels.

    16. Then there's this lonely kid who just cannot seem to make friends.


    17. And this little fellow who probably only wants to have a heartfelt conversation with a cat.

    But is giving unintentional creepy stalker vibes that are working against him.

    18. This angry little snapper who is losing his battle against a mighty red berry.

    19. If you thought the turtle above was daft, peep this dum-dum.


    20. These siblings who will have to share a room FOREVER.

    21. And lastly, these half-shelled heroes whose new movie everyone really hated.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

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