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A Curvy Girl's Guide To Surviving Social Interactions

Healthy (Indian adj): Someone who has gained a noticeable amount of weight.

If you're Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi (or basically ANY kind of South Asian) you know that the word "healthy" is often used by people to tell you you've gained weight.

1. But the next time they do it, try telling them why it borders self-hate.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

2. Let aunties know a rishta isn't your prime goal in life.

BuzzFeed India / Imaan Sheikh

3. Don't let passing comments be passing comments. Trap people into a discussion.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

4. Remind people your body is yours to decide for.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

5. Let judgmental men have a taste of their own medicine.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

6. And lash back violently if they get too ridiculous.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

7. If you have PCOS or hypothyroidism, just wear an awareness shirt to the family get-together.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

8. If people give you unsolicited advice, be nice and return the favour.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

9. And when it's time, condescend 'em right back.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

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