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    28 Things From Amazon Canada That May Be Too Darn Cool To Stay Out Of Your Shopping Cart

    Most of the stuff on this list is under $30!

    1. A Friends-inspired insulated mug that'll make you feel like you're sipping your morning coffee at Central Perk. It can be used as a travel mug or just as a nicer alternative to your regular coffee mug. It’s double-walled, so it’ll keep your beverage hotter for longer!

    2. A set of titanium-plated knives that have the coolest oil slick finish. Not only are these mesmerizing to look at, they're also razor sharp and come with safety covers to prevent accidents. Reviewers say they're as sturdy and long-lasting as they are beautiful.

    3. A wine-making kit that has all the supplies you'll need to start sippin' some delicious DIY wine (DI-wine?). One kit makes four litres of rich cabernet sauvignon. Reviewers love that it doesn’t take too much work to make the wine — waiting the three weeks’ fermentation time is the only hard part!

    4. A multipack of Animal Crossing stickers that you'll want to decorate everything you own with. Stick some on your water bottle, laptop, phone, fridge, or bicycle. There are a hundred stickers in here, so you can share them with a friend, too. They're waterproof and won't fade in the sun. 😎

    5. A bottle of breathable nail polish that's totally ablution friendly. Water can permeate through it, so you won't have to take it off every time you want to perform wudu. It's also cruelty free, vegan, and 100% halal.

    6. A bestselling nail strengthener from O.P.I. that's like a vitamin gummy for your hands. If you have naturally weak nails or damaged nail beds from a shellac or gel treatment, this will condition them 'til they're no longer papery and bendy. Long and strong, here we come!

    7. A game of Escape Room you can play in your own home! It's perfect for a family or a small group of people. Make teams and solve a puzzle against the clock using the clues provided. I've played it and, trust me, it's actually pretty complicated. Competitive types are going to be thrilled.

    8. A Zipuller for anyone who struggles with fully zipping up the back of their dress (all of us ordinary folk, unless you're a gymnast, I guess). Don't waste time tracking down your roomie or partner. Just hook the zipper head onto the puller before putting on the dress, put it on, and tug the puller from the top! #Independent

    Step-by-step images of a person using the product to pull up the zipper on their dress.

    9. A silent chew toy that'll emit ultrasonic squeaks only your pup can hear, so you can focus on life without the chaos of playtime noise. They come in cute animal shapes and reviewers love that they can withstand a solid chewing.

    10. A backpack-style posture corrector that'll help fix slouching, backaches, and all your posture-related problems. It can help bump up your height, too! Did you know bad posture can take away inches of your height because it compresses your spine?

    11. A reversible sequin pillow cover with Nicolas Cage's face on it. Smooth out all the sequins in one direction to make it a cute (albeit ordinary) sparkly red pillow, or flip the sequins around and create questionable Nick Cage art to show off what a gigantic weirdo you are.

    12. A ring sizing gauge, so you can find out what your ring size is once and for all.

    A ring size measurer being used on a person's finger.

    13. And speaking of hand jewelry, a set of stackable rings that'll make your hands look like works of art. This floral set has 58 rings (!!!) with different designs. You'll want to give yourself a manicure and take tons of photos wearing your new collection.

    14. A cleaner and polish that'll take off the toll all of that home cooking has taken on your cooktop. It gently removes grime, stubborn grease, and hard-to-remove burnt spots that a simple sponge just won't get rid of.

    15. A pair of slipper socks for anyone who can't deal with their trauma without turning everything into a joke (tag yourself). They have cute embroidery and appliqué on the outside while the inside is lined with comfy sherpa fleece. The bottom is nonslip, so don't worry about taking any tumbles!

    A pair of embroidered, fuzzy slippers. One has a crown on it and the other reads "Trauma Queen."

    16. A rainbow LED lamp that'll add a burst of colour to any room. It might make you feel a bit better about not being able to go to a Pride parade this year! Mount it on a wall or place it it on your nightstand to keep the vibe vibrant and cutesy.

    17. A bestselling produce crisper that'll drastically extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. It has a carbon filter inside that absorbs ethylene gas to keep your favourite fresh ingredients at their freshest.

    18. A set of dimmable LED lights that'll transform a regular mirror into a star-worthy vanity mirror. They come with adhesive stickers and five brightness levels that you can adjust using the up and down buttons. All you need is a USB charger or power bank to make them work.

    19. A light-up pen for anyone wanting to maintain a record of their dreams in the middle of the night, because it's so darn easy to blank out on them once you're wide awake. Some of those nightmares sounds more comedic and less horrifying when you read about them later.

    20. Some soft microfibre towels that'll remove makeup and excess oil from your face thoroughly, without needing anything but warm water. Yup, NOT EVEN CLEANSER. Now you have no excuse to sleep with your makeup on, because you have a one-step cleansing solution.

    21. A Dunder Mifflin T-shirt, so you can always feel like a part of your favourite fictional paper company. It's made of 100% cotton, so it's breathable and soft.

    22. A stain remover stick that's made of all-natural ingredients. Just apply it on the stain and rub the stained object under running water. Whether it's grass, makeup, wine, or blood, it'll wash the spot right out.

    23. A silicone facial cleansing brush that'll work hard to remove all the sweat, sebum, makeup residue, and other gunk that's settled into your pores. It performs exactly the same as the expensive ones, TBH. This vibrating tool is rechargeable and waterproof, so feel free to use it in the shower to give your face or body and thorough cleanse.

    24. A cheesemaking kit that'll have you whipping up fresh batches of delicious cheese in no time. It comes with a recipe book, too, so don't worry about instructions. Reviewers say it's super easy to use and if you follow the simple instructions, the end product is absolutely delectable.

    25. A salad cutter, because warm meals can get overwhelming every day. This tool will make short work of making a delicious and nutritious cold lunch. Simply put your favourite greens and veggies into a bowl and use the rolling cutter to chop them into big or small chunks.

    A bowl filled with salad vegetables being chopped with the tool inside.

    26. Some pimple patches that'll shrink your zits in a matter of hours by drawing out all the bacteria and gunk inside. They're discreet, so they can be worn on their own or under makeup. Reviewers say they're shockingly effective and have been life-changing for them.

    27. A bestselling blackhead remover that's like a tiny vacuum cleaner for your skin. It'll remove all the impurities, oil, and sebum that are clogging up your pores using any of three modes of suction intensity. And it's rechargeable, so you'll never need batteries!

    28. And finally, a balmy Moodmatcher lipstick that adjusts according to the chemistry of your body to create colour that complements you best. The best part? Reviewers love that the tint lasts on your lips for up to 12 hours, without leaving your lips a dehydrated mess! It ranges from a flushed pink to a deep fuchsia.

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