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Hey Bollywood, We Need To Talk About Shah Rukh Khan's Unnecessarily Violent Ways Of Showing Love

WTF did Kajol ever do to you?

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So, Shah Rukh Khan is Bollywood's most iconic and revered Passionate Lover Dude. We all know that.

Madras Talkies / Via Imaan Sheikh

And yeah, being a national heartthrob and symbol for romance requires him to have a lot of passion. That's cool.

Madras Talkies

Even though that was a pretty good attempt to bite Preity's thumb off, I'll let it slide.

Let me be clear that I, for one, love the c-c-c-c-crap out of him.

Yash Raj Films

But can we just establish that sometimes he can be a bit of a dick?

Dharma Productions

No, really. Aside from being a lovable protagonist, being an asshole to women seems to be his area of expertise too.

SLB Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

Which is really inconvenient for us ladies, seeing as he's a role-model to millions of Indian boys and men, you know?

Seriously, what kind of a shitwad gets away with things like this?

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed / SLB Films

Only Shah.

Madras Talkies / Via Imaan Sheikh

When I looked a little closer, I couldn’t help notice that Kajol has ESPECIALLY been a victim of SRK’s “playful” dickery.

Yash Raj Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

You can see her futile attempt to escape him.

Dude straight up hammered her hip in Karan Arjun.

Eros Entertainment / Via Imaan Sheikh

AND her chest. No wonder she was singing “Jaati hoon main”. I mean, girl, get the fuck out of there. He’s going to dismember you.

Eros Entertainment / Via Imaan Sheikh

In DDLJ, he fondled her at a party against her consent but "We won't get married without your Baou Ji's permission" made it a sanskaari hit.

Eros / Via Imaan Sheikh

India TOTALLY needs MORE male role models to ignore concepts like consent. Swell job, Bollywood.

Like embarrassing her that way wasn't enough, he nearly broke her ass and DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AFTER DROPPING HER.

Yash Raj Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

Not-so-fun fact: Kajol didn't even know this scene was in the script, and the expression on her face is genuine disappointment.

This is literally a scene from a "love song" in Baazigar.

Eros Labs / Via Imaan Sheikh

Firstly, this is utterly disrespectful to the amount of hard work that goes into up-dos.

Secondly, BRO, you don't just yank an unsuspecting woman's hair???

He obviously secretly hates the shit out of Kajol. I don't even know if I can classify it as a secret anymore.

Eros Entertainment / Via Imaan Sheikh

Damn near shook the blue off her dress there.

Which reeeally sucks because we all grew up seeing these two on-screen as the IDEAL couple and learned basically everything we know about romance from them. Uh oh.

Yash Raj Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

Ok so here's a cool test: If she's flipping her legs like a dying ladybug, you need to get your hands off of her. Let's maintain the age-old fine line between cute boyfriend and murderous kidnapper.


Dharma Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

Fine, Rahul, you're better than Anjali at basketball, but that slap is probably not the best lesson for the kids around you. Why don't you play a fake violin like you did in Mohabbatein or something? I bet they'll grow up to be better human beings.



I get that a kiss from bae on your neck can make your knees a bit weak but, damn, you don't just jump her ass back into the water like that.


Yash Raj Films

So, uh, let's tone it down a notch, OK?

Yash Raj Films