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This Overheard Conversation Between A Badass Aunty And Two Delhi Men Is Going Viral

"You don't let girls be born, and if they are born, you don't let them study, or step out."

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Women’s studies student Dyuti Sudipta told BuzzFeed she was on her way to work on the Delhi metro last week, when she witnessed this:

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Sudipta shared the anecdote on her Facebook page and it promptly went mega-viral. Several screenshots of it have been posted all over Indian Facebook pages, garnering thousands of shares.

Two male passengers were allegedly complaining about women being granted too much space on trains, when an aunty who looked about 55 interrupted them:

Overheard in Metro.

Guy 1: "Look, the ladies compartment is completely empty. The men's side is so full, but we're still not allowed to go sit there. The seats are all unoccupied."

Guy 2: "Yeah, man. They've given the entire coach to them. They don't even occupy that fully, and they even have two seats in our portion. If we sit on them, we're asked to get up, even if the whole coach is empty. They should go fill their own coach first!"

Badass aunty: "Child, you don't even let them be born, and if by luck they do take birth, then you don't let them study. You invest so much energy in not letting them step out. Stop female foeticide, and drowning female children in milk to their deaths. Stop constantly telling them what they're disallowed to do, then just watch. Seats in the metro are nothing, these girls will fill all office chairs, and sports fields. But that's what you're scared of, isn't it? Right, child?

According to Dyuti Sudipta, this happened just before Govindpuri metro station. "A lot of people heard her but did not really reply. Those two guys got down from the metro as soon as it reached Govindpuri," she told BuzzFeed.

Slay on, mystery aunty ji. 🙌🏾