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16 GIFs That Perfectly Capture Your Life With A Younger Sibling

Ya twerp.

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1. As we all know, irritating each other for no reason whatsoever is the basis of having a healthy sibling life.

2. But one of you is a totally annoying little shit who knows and owns it.

3. And gets away with it...

4. You guessed it: The younger sibling.

KutePets / Via

5. Complaining to a parent is difficult if all they do is harmlessly irritating stuff like this.

6. Traditional younger sib annoyance techniques involve air-tickling and cheeky staring.

"Why are you mad lol I'm not touching you lolol."

7. And, of course, dancing around you when you're occupied with something important and need to focus.

Which almost always results in them getting hurt (as it should).

8. Bullying your little sibling is something you're possessive about, and it is a skill best left to you.

9. You're NOT going to tolerate someone else picking on them.


10. Admit it, there's no one you'd SERIOUSLY fight with over food, except your sibbie.

11. And no one you'd eat with like an unabashed animal, except your even-more-unabashed-animal baby sibling.

12. This is the face they pull when they need permission to use something that's yours.

13. And you make sure to tease the hell out of them before allowing them to use it.

This is your chance.

14. And even though they absolutely enrage you on the regular...

15. And you never admit it...

16. ...You love the heck out of them.