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Here's A Brilliant Twitter Account You Should Follow If You're A Desi Woman Sick Of Sexism

"When I sport a skirt and speak in public, I'm a slut. When I don a scarf and speak in public, I'm 'the nation's daughter'."

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"Aunty Pakistan" emerged this week with a slew of immensely real tweets about women's issues in Pakistan.

Dear men if u have problems with other men then solve it amongst urself as men. Dont drag our vaginas into it by saying Bhench*d & Maach*d

And the account has been dropping some hard, cold truths.

When Pakistani fathers feel proud of daughter: "Tum meri beti nahi, betay ho." Baap khabie apne betay ko fakhar se "beti" kion nahi kehtay?

Translation: When Pakistani fathers feel proud of their daughter: "You're not a daughter, you're my son." Why don't fathers ever call their sons "daughter" out of pride?


"I'm not here to gain followers, make a joke and move on. I wasn't born in a family where Aunty could be tolerated. I come from the same old typical misogynist background where women hate on women without realising it," Aunty Pakistani told BuzzFeed.

On a dress not being a yes.

Next time a maulvi sb teaches you about "Parday ki fazeelat" ask him to give a sermon on "mardon ki zalalat" first. Educate the abusers!

Translation: The next time a preacher teaches you about the "greatness of covering yourself up," ask him to give a sermon on how horrible men can be first. Educate the abusers!

On a common pattern in TV serials.

Pakistani Dramas, written/directed/produced by independent women but protagonist always plays a helpless woman. Inspire us not stereotype us

On being "ladylike".

Main scooter chalati hon taangain khol ke. Circus ki Bandar nahi hon jo taangain band kar kay scooter per stunt maroon. #FastAndFeminist

Translation: I ride a scooter with my legs parted. I don't want to "close my legs" and do stunts because I'm not a circus monkey.


A.R. Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

On woman-on-woman unfairness.

Wanted to work after marriage. First ppl to judge me were women in my in laws. Jo azadi tumhe nahi mili woh mujh se bhi na cheeno #Empathise

Translation: Wanted to work after marriage. First people to judge me were women in my in-laws. Do not take from me the freedoms you did not get. #Empathise

On PMS jokes.

Next time u make fun of a woman PMS-ing plz note that the healthy uterus which gave birth to ur misogynistic ass did the same. #PMSPride

On this hypocrisy.

Main skirt pehan kar public mey bolon toh main "Slut" Main scarf pehen kar public main bolon toh main "Qaum ki beti" #PakistaniWomenProblems

Translation: When I sport a skirt and speak in public, I'm a slut. When I don a scarf and speak in public, I'm "the nation's daughter".

On being a human being with your own identity.

Next time a guy eve teases dont say "Ghar main maa bhen nahi hain kia". Simply ask "Main insaan nazar nahi ati kia". Also slap at discretion

Translation: The next time a guy eve teases you, don't say "Don't you have a sister or a mother at home?" Simple ask "Can't you see I'm a human being?" Also, slap at discretion.


Film Kunj Pvt. Ltd. / Via Imaan Sheikh

On parental double standards.

Betay larki say baat karay toh mom says "Hero, Kon hai woh?", Beti larkay say baat karay toh "Kamini naam bata uska" #PakistaniWomenProblems

Translation: When a mother sees her son talking to a girl: "Hero, who is she?"
When she sees her daughter talking to a boy: "Slag, tell me his name!"

And on judgment.

Pakistan men love how sensitive their mothers were but hate how sensitive their wives/girlfriends are. #PakistaniWomenProblems

Aunty further told BuzzFeed, "We are all just programmed to be subordinates. My wisdom, as my followers are calling it, is borrowed from the beautiful women and men I have met in my life and I have realised through them the importance of communication in order to break free."

Aunty has some very important messages for desi parents specifically.


Learn more about the movement on Aunty Pakistan's Facebook page here.