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A Professor Cut These Comedians' Mics For Talking About Sex Ed At A College Event

"[The professor's] reaction is a perfect vindication of our views about how Indians cannot bear the mention of sex."

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Social commentary comedy collective Aisi Taisi Democracy performed at the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad yesterday.

Aisi Taisi Democracy

The trio were in the middle of a section of their show dealing with sex education when, one by one, all their mics were turned off. They tried carrying on with the show but their manager got on stage and said, “The show is over. They want us to leave.”

A professor, who took offence at sex being discussed around female students, had climbed into the sound console and had their mics turned off.

ATD member and musician Rahul Ram then announced, without a mic, “Your professors don’t want us to continue. You guys were fantastic but unfortunately this ends here,” and the three left stage.

They tweeted this last night.

Wow. The faculty at NIT Allahabad got so scandalized by our bit on sex ed in a show here that we were removed from stage, mics switched off.

"This was our first show in Bihar and we were getting some of the heftiest applause we've ever gotten at a show. The students who arranged our performance may get in trouble now," ATD member Varun Grover told BuzzFeed.

Too shocked and slightly disoriented right now with the way things went now but we will write a longer post on it soon.

"The professor who did all this should feel ashamed. He was booed as he walked out," he further said.


Aisi Taisi Democracy posted a full account of what happened on their Facebook page today, which you can read here: