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16 Reasons Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Still Rules The World

Just crown her "Miss Everything".

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1. First things first, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is obviously a princess.

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2. It's like old Bollywood glam was made for her.

3. And when it comes to modern-day glam, there is no match for her either.

4. We're still reeling from being slayed by her at Cannes.

5. Speaking of slaying, remember how she owned David Letterman IMPECCABLY HARD in this interview?



6. And the time she casually wrapped Oprah in a sari like a pro?

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7. She speaks beautifully and knows just what to say all the time.

8. I mean, look how quick-witted and hilarious she is on the spot.

9. Her mommy experience is full of the best stories.

10. And she's an extremely inspirational, loving parent.

11. Not only #ParentingGoals, she's also always giving us #RelationshipGoals.

12. She's vocal about putting an end to social ills and remains humble while doing so.

13. Oh, um, BTW, she's been crowned Miss World, HELLO.

14. And she made some very valid points in the competition, too.

15. To this day, she's pretty damn fantastic at answering reporters' questions.

16. And she's a master at throwing shade via silence.

Keep being you, Aish.

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