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17 Desi YouTube Beauty Channels That'll Up Your Hair And Make-Up Game

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1. ShrutiArjunAnand

Shruti Arjun Anand / Via

Along with frequently beauty-vlogging in Hindi, Shruti does very easy and pocket-friendly skin and hair care DIYs. She also uploads henna application videos and does everyday-appropriate make-up looks perfect for golden brown South Asian skin. You can browse her channel here.

2. MrJovitaGeorge

Mr Jovita George / Via

Jovita is a Kuwait-based Indian YouTuber who likes to transform popular looks to suit brown skin better. She does both everyday and special event make-up tutorials. Visit her channel here.

4. MakeMeUp89

MakeMeUp89 / Via

Kathy/Muni Sanchez likes to glam things up the Pakistani way with make-up, while also making good skin a priority with her easy homemade masks and skin remedies. Apart from her beauty tuts, her chit-chat videos are also very fun to watch. You can see them on her channel here.


5. TotalMakeupJunkie101

TotalMakeupJunkie101 / Via

If you like product reviews, TotalMakeupJunkie101 is the YouTuber you're looking for. Eshani uploads regularly and her product reviews are incredibly honest and detailed -- live swatches and everything! You can watch her videos here.

6. Farah Dhukai

Farah Dhukai / Via

While Farah is purely of African descent, she does a lot of South Indian fashion and make-up tutorials, owing to the fact that she grew up among Indians. The Canadian beauty guru is best known for her natural (and budget-friendly!) skin and hair care regimens. Check out her channel here.

7. SuperPrincessjo

SuperPrincessjo / Via

Long-locked, beauty-crazy mommy Jyoti AKA "Jo" is an Indian vlogger based in Singapore. Jo loves to use natural traditional Indian ingredients to create hair and skin masques that work wonders. She also does fashion hauls and creates fun and flirty make-up looks. Check out her channel here.

8. Makeup With Raji

Makeup With Raji / Via

Yorkshire make-up artist Raji's most popular uploads are remedies and coverage techniques for acne-scarred/hyperpigmented skin, to create a flawless canvas for make-up. Check out her videos here.


9. Deepikamakeup

deepikamakeup / Via

Deepika does mostly haul videos (a look at recent purchases in detail) and reviews of products that best compliment South Asian skin. She also does tag videos and DIYs. You can subscribe to her here.

11. Rumela Dey

Rumela Dey / Via

Rumela's channel is mostly about fashion and make-up hauls, but she also does make-up looks that especially cater to those with sensitive, acne-prone or acne-scarred skin. Go here to take a look at her videos.

12. Kaushal Beauty

Kaushal Beauty / Via

With over 454,000 subscribers, Kaushal is winning the desi YouTube make-up guru gam. She does Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity-inspired looks, as well as easy DIYs. You can check out her channel here.




Komal is a Delhi-based fashion blogger who makes everyday make-up tutorials, skin and hair care, product reviews, cooking, and motivational videos. Her soothing voice just makes everything better, so grab a cup of hot chai before you autoplay her videos here.

14. Cinnamonjules

Cinnamonjules / Via

This London-based brown beauty is all about that red carpet glow, sculpted cheekbones and celeb-inspired extravagant looks. She loves to play with colour. You can check out her amazing work here.

15. Sweetfantastico

sweetfantastico / Via

If #OOTD videos are your thing, head on to Sweetfantastico's channel. She also covers other things, like skin care routines, haul videos, and, of course, make-up tutorials. You can follow her here.

17. Corallista

Corallista / Via

Ankita of Corallista is a Japan-based Indian beauty blogger who does festive/traditional to everyday/subtle make-up looks. You might also want to check out her product recommendation videos and drugstore hauls before you head to the store to shop for make-up. Check out her work here.