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    19 Quick-Fix Products With Small Price Tags And Major Results

    Why spend a ton of dough when you can just use these?

    1. Got pets that still haven't learned they can't pee on the sofa or carpet? Get rid of the unsightly (and stinky) pee spots with a top-rated stain and odour eliminator.

    2. Breathe new life into lint-pilled sweaters or pants with a handheld USB-powered fabric shaver. Think of all the money you'll save not buying new things!

    3. Fix slouching and backaches with a best-selling corrective brace, and get rid of posture-related problems.

    4. Fix all your little makeup mistakes with a makeup remover pen. This is a BLESSING for making crooked eyeliner wings look MUA-level good.

    5. Groom your brows and other facial hair in a minute (and painlessly!) with a handy dandy exfoliating face razor and eyebrow trimmer. These are cheap, easy to use, and leave your face looking smooth and brows looking snatched in seconds.

    6. Had a breakout before an important event? Stick on some of these best-selling pimple patches that have a cult following. They actually draw out the gunk from your zits. It's super gross but oh so satisfying.

    7. If your hairline is looking a little sparser than usual and you're not happy about it, apply some hair-building fibres by Toppik for a fuller look. It looks very natural and turns out great in photos!

    8. Spray on a top-rated dry shampoo to bring freshness back into hair that gets oily too fast (or hair you were feeling too lazy to wash).

    9. Remove build-up from your scalp with some anti-residue shampoo. Soaks and special treatments can take a long time, but this product can just be used weekly in your shower and do the job.

    10. Avoid irritated, sore inner thighs with a non-greasy anti-chafe balm that's sweat-resistant and will not block pores.

    11. Leave the bathroom without embarrassment with stink-fighting Poo-Pourri you can spray in the toilet bowl before you go. Odour will stop before it even develops!

    12. Put an end to your nail-biting habit by rolling this deterrent on your nails. It tastes so bitter, you won't be able to stand your nails being in your mouth at all.

    13. Dry your nail polish in seconds with quick-drying nail drops so your manicure doesn't get the time to smudge against something and ruin your day.

    14. Stick on a blocker at the bottom of your door to ensure no draft or insects get in. Reviewers say it even worked for minimizing noise coming into the room.

    15. Make your leather shoes look new again with a shoe cream that's available in pretty much every colour, and is a customer favourite. It'll condition and moisturize the leather.

    16. Transform a countertop, wall, or piece of furniture that looks lacklustre with white marble decorative self-adhesive film.

    17. Sharpen your knives with a high-quality blade sharpener, and you'll probably never need to buy new ones again.

    18. Use a nail repair pen to get rid of toenail fungus, protect your nails, and prevent more discolouration.

    19. Got clothes you love but can't wear because they need altering, or have a hem that's coming undone? Fix them this mini handheld sewing machine.

    Enjoy restoring the good things!