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    Posted on 31 Oct 2015

    Watch Asif Confess What It's Like When A Breakup With Your Best Friend Becomes A Massive Meme

    Hear what happened from the man himself.

    For the uninitiated, Asif Raza Rana of Gujranwala, Pakistan, gained overnight fame after this picture of his break-up with his best friend went viral.

    The break-up was covered by Gawker, New York Post, Dailymail, BuzzFeed, and several other websites. As of now, the original post has about 9000 shares on Facebook, but screenshots of it have been shared across social media thousands of times.

    It quickly became a meme and people started photoshopping themselves and their friends into the picture.

    Earlier this month, Asif announced that the two were now back to being friends. In his special style, of course.

    Usman Ali Khan Tahir and Sheikh Tayyab Mateen, fans of Asif, tracked him down and interviewed him about his viral stardom.

    Sheikh Tayyab Mateen / Via Facebook: tayyab.mateen

    In the interview, Asif explains exactly what happened, while Mudasir sits right next to him, "proudy" as always.

    Sheikh Tayyab Mateen / Via Facebook: tayyab.mateen

    He also thanks his loyalists world-over, especially his fans from Brazil.

    Watch him talk in his full glory here.

    Facebook: video.php

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