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    22 Dec 2014

    This Video Will Inspire Any Indian To Make The Winter A Bit Warmer With One Small Gesture

    It's more than just heartwarming.

    It's that time of the year again when Delhi gets unbearably cold.

    SORTEDD TV / Via

    Unless you are indoors and have several layers to keep you warm, it is nearly impossible to get through the stabbing cold night.

    NGOs have estimated that there could be as many as 150,000 homeless people living in Delhi alone. Youth entertainment channel Sortedd TV decided to something about this.

    Sortedd TV / Via

    They got over a hundred blankets and covered the homeless, fighting to stay alive outdoors in the chilly city.

    Sortedd TV / Via

    They also shared hot cups of tea and had a little chat.

    And for a moment, their smiles at this warm gesture lit up the dark streets.

    Sortedd TV / Via

    Watch the heartwarming and inspiring video here:

    View this video on YouTube

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