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    Updated on 22 Aug 2020. Posted on 18 Sep 2014

    21 Signs Sleep Is Your One And Only True Love

    Naptime is the best time.

    1. Mornings are the worst time of the day because you have to bid sweet slumber farewell.

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    Ugh, the sun is out again.

    2. In fact, you're usually in denial for a few minutes after your alarm goes off.

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    I literally just closed my eyes...

    3. Saying goodbye to the bed is an emotional event.

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    4. When you haven't slept enough, you are not someone anyone would voluntarily be around.

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    5. And you despise people who tell you to "just get coffee and cheer up".

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    You don't understand my feelings.

    6. Your social life is a slave to your sleeping pattern.

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    "Hey, you want to get dinner with us tonight?"

    "I don't know. I haven't really slept enough..."

    7. "I can't, I think I'll be asleep by then..." "It's okay, I'll wake you up."

    Do you seriously not understand the gravity of this matter?

    8. Someone making noise while you're sleeping is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you.


    9. Oftentimes you're struck with the realisation that you could've just slept more instead of choosing to interact with humans.

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    Is this exchange worth my sacrifice?

    10. You are convinced something has happened, but soon realise it may have just been one of your vivid deep-sleep dreams.

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    11. And dreaming is so awesome and SUCH an underrated activity.

    Elektra / Via

    12. Sleeping makes an excellent excuse to avoid unwanted company.

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    Seriously, is it an answer to all the problems ever?

    13. The Saturday part of the weekend? Yeah it's for sleeping only, of course.

    20th Television / Via

    "Why do I even need to explain this to anyone?"

    14. First period at school is a struggle.

    15. 2pm at work is a struggle.

    16. Working from home is practically a battle against yourself.


    17. Friend sleeping over? You're still the last one to wake up.

    The Stuffed Dog Company / Via

    I don't care, go help yourself with cereal and let me sleep.

    18. It is your favourite way of dealing with physical stress.

    19. As well as emotional stress.

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    20. There is no set time and place to indulge in the luxury of sleeping.

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    21. ❤ Because any free time you have should be invested in a good cause = napping. ❤

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