20 Badly Lip-Read Bollywood GIFs For Every Life Situation

    Movie scenes are brutal when dubbed over. With text.

    1. When someone promises to return your book.

    2. When you're talking about your BFFs in the most endearing way possible.

    3. When bae is flirting with a random good-looking harami on Twitter.

    4. When you see a total hottie in an unexpected place.

    5. When your dumbass group project members don't help and you're dodging a panic attack whilst motivating them.

    6. When post-success happiness needs to be expressed eloquently.

    7. When bae forgets to floss.

    8. When you prove demotivating haters wrong.

    9. And politely suggest that they deal with your success.

    10. When you’re cheering on a friend because they think their crush is out of their league.

    11. When your friend hasn't prepared for a test, but you have.

    12. When your bracelet game is ridiculously on point.

    13. When sticking to being fabulous is mandatory, even in contempt.

    14. When exposure to fine posteriors demands a reaction.

    15. When throwing subtle shade is important but maintaining composure is also important.

    16. When you catch your friend on the phone with their dealer.

    17. When words alone don't work and you have to tell someone to bugger off via interpretive dance.

    18. Or when you just have to be straightforward about it.

    19. When you must generate insults without tainting your flawless charm.

    20. When you just have to stick to the beautiful basics.