18 Important Times Women Got Very, Very Real In Vintage Bollywood Films

    "Woman and the earth have a lot to tolerate," - Meena Kumari, Kaajal (1965).

    1. When Shabana Azmi pointed out the hypocrisy of misogynists in In Custody.

    2. When Vyjayanthimala summed up the effects of the patriarchy in Sadhna.

    3. When Sadhana refused a marriage proposal and wasn't scared to say why in Budtameez.

    4. When Geeta Bali refused to break under oppression in Baaz.

    5. When this daughter had the perfectly respectful question to answer her parents in Ek Din Pratidin.

    6. When Meena Kumari told the world our biggest struggle as women in Kaajal.

    7. When Sharmila Tagore cleared out your misconceptions about being educated in Devi.

    8. When this answer from Party showed us it should be the universal answer.

    9. When Jayashree Roy was too fly to care for this question in Pratidwandi.

    10. When a friend gave awfully honest advice to Nargis in Babul.

    11. When Sharmila Tagore patronised men the way they patronise women in Sawan Ki Ghata.

    12. When Rekha Sabnis told this simple truth in Ashadh Ka Aik Din.

    13. When these girls had no time for the society's son-worshipping nonsense in Doghi.

    14. When this legit #ConservativeParentProb was pointed out in Dooratwa.

    15. When this conversation from Insan Jaag Utha showed us women don't owe men anything.

    16. When Neena Gupta asked this important question about art and the mainstream in Susman.

    Association of Corporations and Apex Societies of Handloom (ACASH) / Via dhrupad.tumblr.com

    17. When Smita Patel showed us how to parent in Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki.

    18. And when Rekha told 'em stereotyping bitches wassup in Khoon Bhari Maang.

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