18 Hilarious Desi Vines That You Can't Help But Watch Over And Over

Because you've always needed a Spiderman and Karan Johar mash-up.

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1. The most awkward part of attending Desi weddings.

Fahim / Via vine.co

2. This literally 'fly' ride most of us had as kids:

Balraj Bhatia / Via vine.co

3. This particular hijabi girl almost everyone has on her Facebook:

TheMcBang / Via vine.co

4. This efficient blocker of the fahkin' betchez.

vine.co / Via Jus Reign

5. An unfavourable answer to bae:

Just Reign / Via vine.co

6. ACs for Desis.

Mandeep Kaur Shoker / Via vine.co

7. This horrid realisation all Desi kids go through:

Kunwar Dodd / Via vine.co

8. When your parents ask for your phone:

Mansi Parasher / Via vine.co

9. This kid who is probably in the hospital after being beaten up.

Mohammad Umar Khan / Via vine.co

10. This accurate representation of desi dads.

Amandeep / Via vine.co

11. This truth about grandma's miraculous joint-pain recovery:

Avtar Singh / Via vine.co

12. When you can't hear mom because, well, she can't hear you.

DEM_INDIAN_GURLZ / Via vine.co

13. When desis leave a hotel room:

RazVines / Via vine.co

14. This perfect twist on K3G and Spider-Man:

FeelingDesi / Via vine.co

15. This perfect twist on hip-hop and folk Punjabi music:

Josh Thind / Via vine.co

16. A Punjabi twist on hip-hop really is the best thing ever and here's a Kanye vine to prove it:

TeamHaych / Via vine.co

17. But nothing has shit on Punjabi uncles breaking it down to a hip-hop beat:

vine.co / Via http://Haseeb._.Ahmad

18. And lastly, the greatest Desi family Vine on the internet:

Anam Khan / Via vine.co