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16 Things Pregnant Desi Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Call me "golu molu" one more time. I dare you.

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1. "It LOOKS like you're gonna have a boy; I can just tell by the way you look."

Bhansali Films / Via

Thank you so much. Had I known you have X-ray vision, I wouldn't have bothered with stupid ultrasounds.


6. "Eat almonds and drink lots of milk if you want a fair baby. White foods are key."

Kaleidoscope Entertainment / Via

OMG so by that logic, I can eat Skittles and make a rainbow baby?! YESSSS!


10. "Don't step out during a lunar eclipse. It has terrible effects on the baby."

Subhash Ghai Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

Did your mom step out during a lunar eclipse? Because I can see the effects.

11. "Now that you'll be a mother, you'll become a real woman."

Gold Circle Films / Via

Oh, thank god for pregnancy. Having breasts, female genitals, and menstruating every month always kept me in doubt about being a real woman.

13. "You look so big, golu molu round round."

Colour Yellow Pictures / Via

I look big?! Oh god, I'm heading to the doctor. Looking swollen totally doesn't sound like a sign of a normal pregnancy.

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