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    15 Amazing Beauty Recipes You Can Make With Things In Your Kitchen In Under 10 Minutes

    All natural and super cheap, too!

    1. Use ginger to stimulate hair growth.

    2. Get rid of blackheads with this turmeric-yoghurt cleanser:

    3. Make your face squeaky clean with chick pea flour face wash.

    4. Fade dark under-eye circles with potato.

    5. Minimise those pores using this honey-lemon mix.

    6. Say goodbye to puffy eyes while you recycle tea bags.

    7. Exfoliate with honey and green tea.

    8. Use olive oil as a deep-cleanser/make-up remover.

    9. Use cucumber juice as a toner.

    10. Scrub your feet with sea salt and coconut oil.

    11. Remove blackheads with baking soda.

    12. Get baby-soft lips with this edible sugar lip scrub.

    13. Exfoliate with pineapple.

    14. Deep-moisturise dry skin with milk.

    15. Deep-condition very frizzy and dry hair with coconut milk.

    If you have sensitive skin or allergies, do not use ingredients/products that you know could be harsh to your skin. If you aren't sure, have a chat with a doctor first. Good luck!