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      I Went there and saw that. There was also a note attached that said this: To the soul of his Excellency, Mr. Ambassador: Christopher Stevens. May your soul rest in peace, we didn’t offer a suitable safety. There’s bats work in the dark to poison the relationship between. You were opened heart to all Libyans, the lost is all their mine. Now every Libyan with a sense keeps saying to himself: Here I’m on the road again after tragedy of losing you Mr. Chris. I’m fully sure that the world is not becoming a better place after leaving. CNN said you are a HERO, that’s right but not hero only, but Martyr too, for Libyan revolution. You got the honor, Mr. Stevens, to get in the National book of Libya. Which it has been written by blood of young Martyrs of 60,000. Givin’ their souls on golden plate for our children to rise in freedom, dignity, honesty, courage, that’s all what you stand with Libyan people to the last moment, that’s all present in your kind personality Mr. Ambassador, there’s no words for people, cuz words still words and go. But the pain and sort remain, but it’s all pain and sort too, what a lost in Tuesday, you’re gone, Tuesday gone, honest man gone.  FROM THE PEOPLE OF BENGHAZI 20-09-2012


      I have lived in Libya for years, this was not staged or anything. These people LOVE Americans, and want more people to come into their country, but the extremists keep messing it up for them!Ifeel sorry for the Libyans. Many LibyansIhave met say that they just want to GET OUT of Libya. That,Ithink, is very sad. People should love their country and be proud of it.Ihave also BEEN AND SEEN that exact place where the pictures are taken, and Libyans are nice, sincere people, so SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO SAID IT WAS PHOTOSHOPPED! Now,Iwill not reply to anyone who replies to this, so thank you, and good bye. GOOD LUCK LIBYA!

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