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The Top 10 Coolest Ever Israeli Military Inventions

Israel is well known for its clever military and inventive equipment but here are the top ten strangest and coolest Israeli Military inventions of all time:

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1. “Corner Shot”-The Gun that shoots round corners

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The "Corner shot" was invented by former IDF Counter Terror Unit Commander Amos Golan and can actually shoot round corners without exposing the shooter. Using two Hi-Res Cameras, the user can zero in on a target while their body remains unexposed. See the video

2. The “Human Backpack”-Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC)

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Developed by top Israeli tactical firm, Agilite The Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC) allows soldiers to carry an injured friend on their back like a backpack, leaving both hands completely free to operate their rifle. The IPC also became popular with Fire Departments, Search & Rescue teams and Law Enforcement agencies as well as by people with disabilities worldwide, allowing them to go hiking, be carried into swimming pools and more.

3. Fighter Pilot ”Heads Up Display”

Remember the good old days when Tom Cruise had to move a joystick to blow up the Russian MIG fighter jets? Well those days are over thanks to the “Heads Up display” which was developed by Israeli military electronics giant Elbit Systems, and it allows pilots to aim weapon systems just by looking at them. The Heads up display uses head positioning sensors and optical tracking to know exactly what the pilot is looking at and provide him with data and a higher level of situational awareness.

4. “Trophy”-Vehicle Rocket Protection System

Developed by Israeli Defense firm Rafael, Trophy protects military vehicles from incoming RPG’s and other rockets by dispatching a mini rocket that intercepts the incoming one and detonating it away from the vehicle. See the video here:

5. The Micro Tavor Rifle

The "Micro Tavor" Rifle, also known as the "X95", is a pistol-like assault rifle and one of the cleverest of its type. Manufactured by Israel Weapons Industries (IWI), it is completely ambidextrous and can be arranged differently for left and right handed shooters and it is made almost completely out of high impact polymer so it does not rust. It is incredibly short and yet more accurate than many much longer rifles.

6. The “Israeli Bandage”

Now the standard Emergency bandage worldwide, the “Israeli bandage”, now owned by Persys Medical of Houston, Texas, was the brainchild of Israeli combat medic Bernard Bar-Natan who realized that by incorporating a pressure applicator into the fabric, he could change the world’s standard emergency bandage forever, allowing the same bandage to effectively stop bleeding and increase the chances of survivability, while keeping it small and compact. It is used by paramedics, soldiers and rescue personnel across the globe and Persys are said to supply 2 million units every year to the US Military alone.

7. 7.The “Mitznefet” Helmet Shape Breaker


Manufactured by Israel's premier tactical equipment firm, Agilite, "The Mitznefet" which at first glance looks like a camouflage chef's hat, is a helmet attachment that masks the unnaturally round shape of a military helmet in nature, making soldiers harder for the enemy to spot. It also gives soldiers 360° shade from the sun in the desert heat. The name "Mitznefet" comes from the headdress worn by the Jewish High Priest in the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem. They are now also produced in American Multicam camouflage for US forces.

8. The “Davidka”

Decades ago, before recycling trash became a thing, the Israeli Defense Forces discovered a far more practical solution for rubbish than landfills in the form of a giant mortar that literally shot garbage. The Davidka was a homemade mortar that was completely inaccurate and inefficient. The ammo was nothing more than cans, rocks, pipes and nails. The one thing the Davidka did have going for it was a dizzying loud blast that literally scared away entire battalions of the Syrian Army.

9. Krav Maga

Before the UFC, a comprehensive mixed martial arts was developed by the IDF called Krav Maga (literally; close combat). The fighting system consists of a combination of techniques sourced from boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling, along with realistic fight training. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-life situations and extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks, including for effective female self-defense.

10. Through-Wall X-Ray Vision

X-ray Vision capabilities apparently come from Tel Aviv, not Krypton. Israeli firm Camero specializes in hand-held devices that let tactical teams see people and objects through walls using wall radar. Facilitating a combination of different technologies and algorithms, the devices have a range of 20 meters and even logs movement patterns.

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