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People Are Obsessed With This Rapper's Song And Now It's A Huge Meme

Like who what what what where nah but who who where.

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This video clip of a performance by an up-and-coming UK rapper called Devz has become a huge meme since it was uploaded last month.

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It's the "who what where" part that has people hooked.


It's the perfect response for all those time you are left kinda speechless.

when your girlfriend finds out ur cheating and starts asking questions me:

Taking a nap during the day is very risky wake up asking bare questions like who who what when where how did we get right there

Or the times you get asked loads of questions.

Me: Hi Mum, I'm going out with my mates tonight Mum:

Lotes, the 28-year-old founder of YouTube channel Bl@ckbox where the video was uploaded, said the song had been recorded six to eight months ago and he had known immediately how catchy it would be.

*shows mum a simple meme on twitter* Mum:

Lotes, an engineer on the song, said with all the stuff going on in the world right now Devz's performance "lightens the mood".

Lotes, who lives in Essex, said Devz can't believe the response to his track and revealed that a remix is on the way.

He added that Devz could become an inspiration for a whole generation of music artists. "It's going to be massively inspirational," Lotes said. "And the more people that see young people coming up quickly and being allowed to make money in music is a good thing because it hasn't always been like that."

Lotes said he wasn't worried that the song has become a giant meme.

This Has To Be A Dream My Tings Getting A Mill On Instagram Pages and Being Played Overseas!!!!! WtF👀👀✈️✈️…

"The tarnish and the shade thrown will never last," he added. "What will always last is the energy."

And people who love the meme are actually starting to love the song.

"Like who what what what where na but who who where like where where where how did we get right there like na na na"


That who who what what where nah who and what and where guy's full video is actually decent. Flow is good once you get past the interview

The video has gone from having 2,500 views on Friday to more than 60,000 at the time of publication.

😂😂 it's actually lit @DevzDaArtist

Lotes said that after seeing someone calling for the song to become Christmas No.1 they are now campaigning to make it a reality.

Brexit?!?.... Trump?!??!? Who What Where For Christmas Number 1! Suttin we can all agree on! #WhoWhatWhere

Who knows? In 2016 anything can happen.

Who what what what where will be christmas number one watch

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