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    Dolly Parton's Perfomance At The Grammy Awards Made Jungkook Emotional

    "Our little yeehaw country boy."

    Remember when BTS went to the Grammys and presented an award to H.E.R.?

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    Well, on Tuesday, BTS posted a video with a lot of behind-the-scenes moments from that trip.

    [Episode] #방탄소년단 <61th GRAMMY Awards> 에피소드! (https://t.co/PAmxUJMMLl)

    The 32-minute video features a wholesome moment of BTS practising for the Grammys.

    Teacher Kim’s Grammy Lesson 👨‍🏫 @BTS_twt #BTS #방탄소년단

    And their speech from when they gave the award for Best R&B Album.

    He practiced “And the Grammy goes to..” in different ways 😭 @BTS_twt #BTS

    We also got to see BTS mix up their Grammy entry passes while singing Ariana Grande's "7 Rings".

    The GRAMMY awards entry pass had each of their names written on it, but they were all mixed up so they spent forever trading with each other to find their own 😂😂 🐥 ah this isn’t important I’m telling you! 🐹I traded with 5 people @BTS_twt

    And getting their makeup retouched.

    🐹 mr. jimin. 🐥 yeap? 🐹 (nod) 🐥 (nod) mmm... 🐹 grammy? 🐥 grammy? yeah 🐹 grammy? 🐥 grammy? 🐹🐥 yeah! @BTS_twt #BTS #방탄소년단

    As some people might remember, Jungkook was seen crying during Dolly Parton's performance.

    Jungkook crying during Dolly Parton [@BTS_twt] #GRAMMYs #TearItUpBTS

    And he was spotted enjoying her performance.

    Maybe my next #Jolene collab will be with @BTS_twt? What do y'all think? #GRAMMYs

    And in the new video, you get to see the moment up close and hear them talk about it.

    Jungkook said: "Can you see my tears? The moment we can be one through music, Grammy awards!"

    Jungkook cried when Dolly Parton performed! JK:😢 @BTS_twt : (laughing) SG:Suddenly? RM:He’s crying crying.. JK:Eu he he..😅😭 JK:Can you see my tears? D:Thank you JK: 👏🏻👏🏻 JK:The moment we can be one through music, Grammy awards! *He is so pure and adorable.. I’m crying too.

    Fans found the moment emotional.

    OH MY GOD HE WAS REALLY CRYING PLEAsss s https://t.co/6M4xtnCPSF

    I still can't believe Jungkook cried during Dolly's performance sjsjjs our little yeehaw country boy

    @choi_bts2 @BTS_twt Music truly transcends languages, I love him 🥺🥰

    Fun fact, watching Jungkook cry over Dolly, made me cry…

    And fans really want Dolly Parton to see the moment.

    Omg wait until @DollyParton sees this, look at this angel we call Jungkook. This is part of the Yeehaw agenda. We are winning. @BTS_twt

    @DollyParton 💜you have a fan JK Of @BTS_twt he cried during your Grammy performances 👏🏻👍

    Please notice our boys @BTS_twt @DollyParton https://t.co/rJa8r91qLz

    You can watch the video in full here:

    View this video on YouTube


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