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    Uh, So The BBC's New George Orwell Statue Is Surrounded By CCTV Cameras

    Big Brother is quite literally watching you.

    Yesterday, outside the BBC's Broadcasting House, a statue of George Orwell was unveiled.

    George Orwell statue is unveiled - its sculptor Martin Jennings talks about his inspiration and the creation proces…

    The statue was paid for with donations from the George Orwell Memorial Trust. On the wall behind it, there's a quote from Orwell's introduction to Animal Farm: "If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

    But then this reporter noticed something rather ironic...

    Outside of Broadcasting House for the unveiling of George Orwell statue. There's a CCTV camera above his head...

    As you may be aware, Orwell also wrote the dystopian classic 1984, in which the populace's public and private lives are monitored by the ubiquitous party leader Big Brother through telescreens, while the slogan "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" is plastered on posters all over the walls.

    We went down there to confirm the camera was actually there.

    And here it is!

    There are also a couple of cameras to the left of the statue.

    And another just across the road from it.

    And here is the statue.

    So there you go. However, we can confirm there isn't a CCTV camera outside George Orwell's old house.