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This Woman Got An iMessage From A Man She Met Once And It's Being Compared To The Plot Of Netflix's "You"

"This is hella creepy. Don't do this."

Meet 20-year-old student Lynda from Bromsgrove, England.

Lynda told BuzzFeed News that after she spoke to a stranger on the train last week, he ended up texting her even though she didn't give him her number.

Lynda said: "When I got the text at first I thought it was odd but it didn’t really register how seriously creepy the whole thing was, so I didn’t reply."

She said that she ended up blocking him.

She said that her friends and family are just happy that nothing else happened to her and that the shock has worn off.

After tweeting the screenshots, people said she should report the texts to the authorities. But she has decided not to.

So I briefly spoke to someone on the train last week, we didn’t even exchange socials or anything and today he messaged me😭 Am I overreacting by being creeped out because what on earth 🙆🏾‍♀️

She said: "For now I don’t think I will. Although it has made me slightly paranoid, it is just a one-off occurrence and he hasn’t tried to speak to me again."

She also said she hasn't found out who actually passed on her number.

Don't be the person asking for numbers; if you come across someone on insta message them on there. Don't be the person who gives out your friends numbers without checking in with them first. 'Hey, this person wants your number. You want theirs or can I give them yours?' https://t.co/lkufC4xUAc

People thought what the guy did was creepy.

It's creepy as hell! https://t.co/f1NaHQwVcy

This is hella creepy. Don't do this. https://t.co/PnOmU48wqr

And that it was really similar to the plot of the Netflix series You.

@Lyndahx Make sure your curtains are closed sis! And have your security on lock 🤣 I have a feeling he didn’t get the number from a friend...