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    These Two Siblings Had A Silent Dance Battle In Their Kitchen And People Really Love It

    "Don't say anything just RT."

    Meet 19-year-old Francklef Dominique Lambert, a college student, actor, and comedian and his 24-year-old sister Yve Alexandre from Georgia.


    Lambert told BuzzFeed News that he and his sister are really close and described their bond as the "tightest rubber band ever".


    "I’m going to put it this way," he said. "You know when you pull on a tight rubber band on both ends, and you let it go, it hurts? That’s us.

    "Our bond is as close as the tightest rubber band ever. When we argue we are only pulling back and hurting each other. We argue like we are close — it’s crazy."

    Alexandre and Lambert even work together. Alexandre said: "It feels great — now we don't have to wait 'til we get home to annoy each other."


    "The bond between my brother and I started very young, of course. Not many people can say they have that twin telepathy with their sibling and not be twins. It feels that close and we are 5 years apart," she added.

    Lambert said the pair got back from work and recorded this silent dance battle in their kitchen.

    The video went mega viral and has been watched over 3 million times.

    Lambert said: "It was crazy. Like me and my sister didn’t expect all of this to happen. We were just videoing and I guess the right audience found us.

    "Seeing all of the positive comments, and people constantly liking, retweeting, and sharing was just amazing. My purpose is to entertain people, and I did just that which is amazing."

    Alexandre added: "The video was literally a 'let's pull out the phone and and record this'. We came home from work and we were about to eat some cereal and we did it."

    People really love the video.

    Me in 20 years, battling my wife in front of our kids

    Especially the move when Lambert pretend to pull out his sister's heart.

    @thefrancklefl When he pulled her heart out I was DYYINGGG!!!

    @thefrancklefl When he pulled out her heart & made the sound effect

    @thefrancklefl Waita minute did she eat tht mans heart and then he came back and took her skin y’all crazy

    Lambert said they make random videos all the time.


    He added: "We always goof around like that, so we decided to video it. This is something natural for us."

    Alexandre said that going viral is an amazing feeling.

    She said: "I really wanted this for my brother because I know he loves to entertain on his social media and YouTube channel. I love to entertain too, that's why I work with children.

    "Our friends and family were just waiting for this to happen. They asked why this didn't happen sooner.

    "They call us the Frank and Yve Show. We just do random things all the time. Our friends on both sides ask themselves how they deal with us. We just know it's healthy to laugh. So let's laugh together."

    Ikran Dahir is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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