Peppa Pig Stans Have Turned The Cartoon Into A K-Pop Idol And It’s The Best Thing

    “Did you know? Peppa wasn’t able to go to school two days and those two days are now known as Saturday and Sunday.”

    As some of you may know, Peppa Pig just dropped an album and had a low-key feud with Iggy Azalea.

    Peppa Pig My First Album is available to stream this Friday! 🎤Are your little ones excited? You can already listen to Bing Bong Zoo NOW!

    Basically, everyone stans Peppa because her music slaps.

    OMG Peppa's Bing Bong Zoo Remix ft. Nicki Minaj SNAPPED

    Now there are fansites for Peppa — in the style of K-pop fansites, which post updates and photos.

    New Peppa Fansite Open #페파 #PEPPA #PEPPAPIG

    Aaron, 16, from Ireland, told BuzzFeed News he started an account because Peppa Pig released her new album and everyone on Twitter was talking about it.

    He said: “I thought it would be funny to pretend Peppa was a K-pop Idol, so I decided to make a Peppa Pig fansite account.

    “Instantly my account blew up, I was only expecting maybe a couple of my friends to find it funny, but to my surprise thousands of people did.

    “I gained 9,000 followers in 48 hours and I have multiple tweets with likes ranging from 1,000–200,000. I’m honestly still kind of shocked.”

    When asked why the fan account was called Peppa Bacon, he said: “Bacon is made from pig meat and to many is delicious, this shows that even when Peppa dies she will be enjoyed by many.”

    But Aaron’s Peppa Bacon account is only the start. Lots of other people were inspired to create their own fan accounts, and they have a group chat to make sure that Peppa isn’t in two different places at the same time.

    In this instance, Aaron’s Peppa Bacon said Peppa was in Disneyland.

    [HD] Peppa has been spotted at Disneyland with rumored girlfriend Nayeon.

    [HQ] 190724 Peppa and Nayeon spotted at Disneyland! 🏰🏰🐽💓 #페파 #PEPPA #페파피그 #PEPPAPIG

    Oh and BTW, Peppa is bisexual.

    Is peppa bisexual? — yes

    A 16-year-old from the Philippines, who’s behind another account called Dreampig, told BuzzFeed News that once they saw Peppa getting a lot of attention in the K-pop community they decided to also create their own fan account.

    [HQ] 190720 🐽 Safe Trip Peppa! 💝 #페파 #PEPPA #PEPPAPIG

    They said: “One day I just thought it would be funny if I made a Peppa fansite not really thinking it would blow up...others started to make more Peppa fansites and it was fun reading the reactions of the community and how they just accepted it and went with the flow.”

    There are even Peppa Pig news accounts: This one is a spin-off of Koreaboo, a Korean pop culture news site.

    Peppa Pig Spotted Feeding Ducks At The Park And The Pictures Will Melt Your Heart

    Aaron said he loves that everyone finds it funny. He said the response has been crazy but hilarious at the same time.

    Did you know? peppa wasn’t able to go to school two days and those two days are now known as saturday and sunday.

    Most of the Peppa accounts seem to have Peppa collaborating with artists, some of whom the fan account holders themselves stan, so they’ve been using the opportunity to promote their faves.

    [Update]: Weki Meki and Peppa Pig are set to collab on a remix of Weki Meki’s song “Picky Picky”. The remix is called “Piggy Piggy” and is set to drop by the end of this month!

    Aaron said: “I also love the people who ask me about what groups Peppa stan, It’s so funny to just come up with collaborations. So far Peppa has collaborated with all of Loona, Weki Meki, BTS, and Blackpink.

    “My favourite artists are Weki Meki, Twice, Loona, Everglow, Iz*One and Honey Popcorn.

    “I’ve been promoting Weki Meki a lot and although Loona aren’t my number one group I’ve been using them a lot since their fandom is known for having a weird sense of humor.

    “My promoting has been working too, a fancam I used gained 200k+ views in a day.”

    And on Spotify, people have noticed that there’s an official Peppa Pig Radio created by Spotify.

    Listen to My First Album here.