This Store Replaced Buttons And Zips With Velcro For Its New Clothing Line For Kids With Disabilities

    “Design for inclusivity. Design for minority. That is where brands need to go.”

    British retailer Marks & Spencer has created a clothing line called the Easy Dressing range, designed for children with disabilities.

    It’s aimed at children who need extra help getting dressed.

    The range took two years to come together and was created with input from a consultant paediatrician, customers, and parents from three specialist schools.

    The clothes have been adapted in different ways. For example, there are shirts with soft Velcro behind the buttons to close them.

    Trousers and shorts have had their zips and buttons replaced by a straightforward popper.

    And coats and gilets have Velcro down the front and back so they’re easier to put on if you’re in a wheelchair.

    People are loving the range.

    big up M&S for developing an ‘Easy Dressing’ range for kids with disabilities, sensory disorders, feeding tubes etc. This is massive !!

    How good that they’re affordable prices too and they’ve not tried to bump people

    my heart!!!!!!!! This makes me so happy. Such a little small gesture but makes a huge difference.

    And how inclusive it is.

    Design for inclusivity. Design for minority. That is where brands need to go.

    This really is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. So happy thinking of all the kids dealing with medical machinery or sensory overload or low motility who will feel finally that bit more recognised and valued and have that bit of an easier time going about their lives. Love

    Aw they have peg/jej holes to put feeding tubes through, this is fab!!!


    this is incredible. my brother has a feeding tube and i can’t tell you how big of a bitch it was to have him hold his shirt up while i fed his eggs/meds through his tube