People Love How This Dad Stopped Shampoo Getting In His Daughter's Eyes

    No more tears.

    Jae from London told BuzzFeed News that washing his 1-year-old daughter's hair used to be a nightmare...until he gave her some goggles.


    He said: "Her mum manages to do it fine but with me she'd go crazy every time I reached for the shampoo bottle."

    Jae said that when he first did it he sprayed water in her face to show her it wouldn't go in her eyes and she thought it was funny.

    Last time I washed her hair shampoo got in her eyes and she screamed the house down. Not again my child, not again…

    He said he has a 2-month-old daughter who is the complete opposite and loves getting her hair washed.

    Jae said people are praising him for the trick and that it's not going to be the last creative parenting technique.



    Ikran Dahir is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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