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    Madonna Shared A Song Featuring BTS For A Michael Jackson Tribute And Fans Are Freaking Out

    "Ma'am your taste!!"

    BTS fans flooded Madonna's mentions on Thursday after the singer tweeted a tribute to Michael Jackson, with a video soundtracked by a song featuring the group.

    The video uses the song Waste It On Me by Steve Aoki featuring BTS.

    As i wait to finish my new record and think about the future, i can’t help thinking about the past and the amazing humans that came into my life.........♥️ if we knew then what we know now. #history #gratitude #wisdom #hindsight

    BTS Army noticed and started freaking out.

    Omg THE Madonna used #WasteItOnMe for bgm!!

    OMG Waste it on me!!! 😱😱😱 Queen and her taste 😍😍

    They were shook.

    I am shookt! Madonna used #WasteInOnMe as bg music for her video tribute to MJ. 😭💜

    I love Madonna. I love MJ. I love @BTS_twt & Steve Aoki. Her whole tweet is one giant slice of happiness pie. 😊😍🤗

    And you can listen to "Waste It On Me" here:

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